Challenge Time 2018

piCture pOlish Challenges is a fun, creative, colourful and exciting concept created by us for you on Instagram.

Over the past few years, it has become the home of global connectivity and creative expression for our sisters and brothers to participate, share and learn through nail art and swatch challenges using their piCture pOlish shades.  Put simply…

Nail Art Challenges are about using nail polish to create nail art designs.

Swatch Challenges are about using nail polish, an object and words to create a story.

In 2018 there will be one challenge per month, alternating between our nail art and swatch challenges.  That gives you whole 12 opportunities to get creative and showcase your imagination to the world.

As a bonus you also get the opportunity to WIN one of our awesome Awards and titles just for participating and posting in 2018.

Drum roll please…

A Star in the Making Award

The Artistic Apprentice Award

The Bend the Rules Award

Outstandingly Quirky Award

Magic Happens Award

Colour your Life Award

The Bold & Beautiful Award

Paint it like a Pro Award

A Star is Born Award

Each of our exciting awards comes with an AUD $100.00 shopping spree (including free shipping) via pp online.

Shut the Front Door!

To keep it fun, fair and square please read the piCture pOlish Protocol and remember the following every time you choose or are thinking of entering:

  • Each challenge with have specific guidelines on theme, technique, no of shades or other requirements
  • Only  2 clear images for nail art challenges
  • Only  1 clear image for swatch challenges
  • Reveal Day is the only date and time period that entrants have to post to Instagram
  • Entries must be tagged and appear in the pp challenges IG page photo gallery to be valid
  • Award selection is only influenced by creativity, NOT the entrant’s location or Instagram account
  • The (6) awards will be announced by way of posting to @picturepolishchallenges on Instagram
  • Participate in a minimum of (6) challenges to be eligible to be considered for one of two finale awards…

The 2018 piCture pOlish Collaboration Shade Award (2 available)

  • An entrant is a person not an IG account.
  • An entrant can only receive an award once in 2018, for any challenge or award type
  • All winners can still participate in remaining challenges for 2018
  • An entrant that has a commercial agreement with piCture pOlish can participate however not eligible for any award
  • One entry per person only per challenge and must be 16+ years of age
  • All valid entrants must  follow @picturepolish & @picturepolishchallenges on Instagram
  • Open internationally to public accounts only on Instagram
  • By entering piCture pOlish challenges you agree to our Protocol and allow us to feature and share your images on social media

The following updates were made on Monday 5th March 2018…

  • piCture pOlish nail polish must be used in our challenges
  • Accentinga non #picturepolish black or white polish or acrylic paint can be used for accenting only in nail art challenges
  • Top Coat: a non #picturepolish clear top coat can be used
  • Matte Top Coat: Matte top coats cannot be used, this includes #picturepolish G’day Matte
  • Base Coat: a non #picturepolish clear base coat can be used | when using Altered State, Aurora, Borealis, Gravity, Illusionist or Solar Flare a non #picturepolish black base coat can be used.

The following update was made on Saturday 31st March 2018…

  • 3 additional awards were added (please see the full award list above) there are now 9 awards per month

* NB piCture pOlish Challenges are no way sponsored, administered or associated with Instagram Inc. By entering entrants confirm they are 16+ years of age, release Instagram of responsibility, and agree to Instagram’s terms of use.