Nail Polish & Chemotherapy

Picking you up when you couldn’t be further down.  Very occasionally someone might say, oh so you just make nail polish, we smile and think if only they knew the stories of love, life, creativity, and impact that are shared between our sisterhood from every single bottle.

We received a message during the week that was a beautiful reminder of the impact we can have without even realising it…

Recently one of our sisters took on the caring role for her friend who was undergoing chemotherapy.  Most of us know that chemo patients loose their hair during treatment but did you know that it can, in some cases, drastically effect nails too.

Because chemotherapy is very drying to your tissues, your nails can become brittle and yellow. Dry nails will break and crack easily. Koilonychia is caused by anemia and low iron.  Beau’s lines occur when you have high-dose chemo and your nails temporarily stop growing.

Many of us have been in a situation when a love one is going through something tough and it is sometimes hard to know what to do to make them feel better during these painful times.

One of the things that our Sister did was to grab some of her favourite piCture pOlish colours and on a weekly basis paint her friends fingers and toes, also applying a little bit of coconut oil to the nail between colours.

Surprisingly, despite the treatment, the nails grew stronger and harder and more importantly it bought a smile to someone who was otherwise feeling incredibly down. It made her feel human again (and apparently received daily comments from the nurses who gave the tick of approval as the nail polish was vegan and free from the toxic stuff)

The message said, “I just wanted to let you know that your nail polish has bought a lot of joy and beauty into a very painful and heartbreaking situation. Love and beauty is in every single piCture pOlish bottle”

Whether it’s painting the nails of a friend, cooking a meal, making a call to tell someone you care or smiling at a stranger it is sometimes the smallest things we do that can make the biggest difference.

You all rock and we love you… xox