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Picture Polish Creatives

Picture Polish Creatives has arrived, what’s that you say?  Well put very simply its…

Creative people being creative with their Picture Polish nail polish.

Earlier this year we had to close our challenges concept, it was a very hard and sad decision to make however in the best interests long term for everyone that participated and our brand.

The challenges provided a platform for so many of you, including us, to connect and get to know one another, through participation and with the stories that were written and shared.

We have been taking some time out to reflect on how we could take the best parts of the challenge concept and create some thing new.  You may recall the poll we held recently on Instagram, whilst originals was the more popular answer ‘creatives’ ended up being the one word that summed up where we were heading.

And so ‘Picture Polish Creatives’ was born…

This new concept allows us to give back to our fans that support, buy and wear our nail polish, where their nail art talents can shine and be featured.  And for all of you to get to know them a little better.

The low down, to be considered you still need to have our nail polish.  The best way for us to see you, is to tag your Picture Polish manicures (swatches too) in our photo gallery on Instagram.  We view that regularly.  There is no judgement or prizes however each chosen participate does receive a small reward for the exclusive content piece they create for us.  The focus is truly on connection, creativity and sharing.

There are so many amazing nail artists in our community that need to be honored and we hope that ‘Creatives’ allows that to happen.

So we invite you to jump on board and share in this journey of creativity and FUN too…

The creator or the amazing manicure you see is Kate aka Katenokr from Russia.  That’s one very cool picture Kate thank you.

See all the amazing creations so far via Picture Polish Creatives on Instagram.