Galaxy nails, space-tacular nail art

Galaxy Nails… be inspired by something completely Out-of-This-World… We just love this glamorous galaxy nail manicure devised by Jules and brought to life by Sveta Sanders. Watch and recreate these galaxy nails with Sveta’s video tutorial using piCture pOlish products available online or read the ‘galaxy nails’ creation story below…

Holographic nail colour Live Love Polish reflects the sheer magnitude of space with a regal purple scatter holo.  Balancing beauty and mystery it is the perfect background to this design. A quick application of two coats and instantly the dark blues, midnight blacks and vibrant purples intensify… creating a sense of depth we can only imagine outer space is like.  The smattering of holo hex glitters play the role of stars in this masterpiece and sparkle just right.

To avoid getting lost in space Sveta applies a barrier… and if you’re looking for nail products online then Liquid Palisade is a lifesaver. The peel polish barrier features thick brush tip and is designed for easier product coverage on your cuticles and around your nail. (Note: Also available with a thin brush tip, check the website)

Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight… Did you know our galaxy, the Milky Way, is one in a 100 billion other galaxies in the universe? The glow of the milky way wouldn’t be complete without Bright White in fact so bright this cosmic beauty is a must have in any nail polish collection. It’s formulation is easy to work with and gives opaque coverage.

While astronauts and astronomers go into hyper-drive in search for water on planets, in this particular galaxy the secret is out… Salt Water stars here as the asteroids and nebulae. The pastel turquoise with jelly scatter holographic sparkles and helps to make some stars feel a little closer to home.

Innovative tools for an Out-of-This-World job include PP’s very own Brush No. 4 One Stroke (Angled Edge). This brush is used to blend, shade and highlight and is a fabulous for nail clean up too. The brightest of stars were created with #D1 from our Dotting Tool Kit. Create multi-sized dots, spots and stars on your nails… just perfect for beginners to advanced.

Try this space-tacular look for yourself! You’ll be amazed and wonder why you didn’t do it light years ago!

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