NEW Nail Polish Shades in Blue and Green Just Arrived!

Hey everyone Jules here! This week we launched 5 new nail polish shades, consisting of three (3) cremes and two (2) collaborations.  The series of colours really has a blue and green thing going on.  We added some much needed and highly requested creme shades to our ‘classic’ category ‘Blue + Surf + Oasis’ the collaboration shades were ‘Mermaid’ created with Nailland our online stockist in Hungary and ‘Soul’ created with @juli_addicted an amazing nail artist from Russia.  Plus we took advantage of the beautiful filming location on the Gold Coast so you can check out our full launch video below.

Just a reminder to check out your offers where you can find out about free shipping + special edition FREE nail polish (gift with purchase) offers.  You find all the new nail polish colours here.

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