OMG… Sisterly LOVE!

Holy Moly… omg sisterly love!  You say you love us but OMG we love you!

We recently asked the question via our Instagram giveaway… Tell us why you love piCture pOlish?

We created these little bottles of love and light with a thousand different personalities to give you the freedom to express yours and you are really truly doing it.

All of you, our sisters who are helping to paint the world brighter with your gorgeous personalities and our little bottles of nail polish in hand.

We read every comment and the passion in your messages.  You inspire us to keep connecting, sharing, and creating colours around the world.

Here is some amazing…  OMG sisterly love and feedback you shared with us…

  • @clairestelle8  – I have tried so so many different brands of nail polish but for me, there’s something so very special and different about piCture pOlish. Every bottle has its own unique character: a cute name and subtitle on each bottle that invites you to read its story and discover the magic inside. There is a shade; a finish; an effect, for every mood, every experience. They apply so smoothly and flawlessly, it is a joy to paint my nails with them! I love that it is a brand that has so much love and respect for its customers and the wider world: all piCture pOlish shades are vegan with no animal testing and free from toxic ingredients. They are mindful of the importance of showing swatches on different skin tones. piCture pOlish is for everyone. I can think of no other brand I have encountered that reaches out to its community like piCture pOlish. It feels like a truly collaborative brand that evolves alongside its customers. As a customer I am excited to be part of that journey!
  • @my_candid_heart – You reach out to your community in a unique way and make us all feel part of the creative journey. I love the individual concept behind each polish … the colour and finish, the name, the story, the people involved … wearing a piCture pOlish polish is a many layered pleasure. ?
  • @happy_aries  – Holding a bottle of piCture pOlish in your hand the first thing you notice is the name; the name is a representation of a person or a place, perfectly chosen in collaboration with an artist. Then you slowly twist the top to reveal the gem inside. The consistency of the polish is just perfect, if it’s holo or glitter, it is packed by just the right amount of each to give you a wow factor. Then you proceed to the application, the brush easily flows on your nails like a ballerina dancing on the stage. It is then that you actually appreciate the beauty of the polish, the perfectly combined holo sparkles, shine in every direction, give you a bolt of joy every time you look at them. These polishes last long too, I have not had one that chipped on my or needed to be replaced in 2-3 days. In general, you will not believe it till you try one yourself.
  • @blingwinkel – I am in love with piCture pOlish because your colors are unique, there are no dupes, they are easy to remove although all the glitter, sparkle and shimmer..your polishes are the first I did not had a problem with getting particles of and that’s a big plus cause I love glitter. your polishes are the most beautiful ones in my collection and I am very proud to have them. I think you do an amazing job with all your questions and community love to fulfill our wishes and get to know us better. ❤️ Furthermore I really like the stories behind and that you give girls who love lacquering their nails support and a chance to make their own ‘Juwel’. The community is so lovely!  But the most important is the perfect formula.  You are so sympathetic go on with your great work!
  • @mullemaus1281 – Oh I love piCture pOlish because of all the beautiful shades and the amazing girls behind the polishes and the brand. It’s fantastic that you connect with us, like we are all the same. ❤️❤️
  • @polishpilgrim – What I love about your polishes is that they are not infused with any unnecessary chemicals, that they’re vegan and cruelty free and that you collaborate with so many passionate nail artists to create truly unique polishes – from the name to the color and the story behind it. I also love that you value quality over quantity and that you engage so much with your community. Please never change. ??
  • @meganhmuir – I made my first order the other day, with the very friendly and helpful staff and it was delivered so fast. I was pleased that the polishes I chose looked even better in person and were true to the website picture selection. Application was smooth and easy, dried quickly and so far has not chipped, I am really hard on my nails so I’m really surprised. I discovered the brand through an Instagram nail artist and have been stalking their dreamy colour range ever since, so I’m really pleased the product has lived up to my expectations. My only advice would be to have a small thank you card with a story of the brand on it or people who create it, with purchases; to continue your connection with clients.
  • @zaya_nails – piCture pOlish is not just a nail polish (beautiful, vegan, great formula polish)… it is a story, a vision, a piece of life, a representation of inner thoughts, dreams or memories sealed in a cute bottle. For me they are my chromo-therapy, I choose a color for the mood: to cheer me up or to give me some cuddles. And with each bottle I buy I feel as a part of a whole “sisterhood” of PP addicted like me ☺️?❤️❤️❤️ and in this way you are never alone!
  • @appy_nail – I love picture polish mainly because they connect so much with us nail artists and care to put our suggestions into action, its also a brand which I really respect for considering different skin tones.

We want to continue to be part of your bedroom shelves, helmer drawers and bathroom cabinets.  We love how we are really part of your furniture and your hearts.

Thank you xox