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Review | Kryptonite, Poison + O’Hara

April 30, 2019 | Colour

Kryptonite, O’Hara, + Poison Nail Polish Review by Guest Blogger | Bepinselt Blog

A few months ago Jules asked via Instagram for active Bloggers for their new journal and that’s why I am writing for you now.

I had the opportunity to choose one polish each from the categories Classic Shades (or Cuticle Wipe Out/That Remover), Collaboration Shades and Opulence Shades, so three polishes in total.

I chose Kryptonite, Poison and O’Hara nail polish.

Kryptonite and O’Hara was easy to chose but I had a big trouble to choose one of the classic shades. At this time Poison wasn’t available yet but Jules was that kind to let me choose between the new versions of Poison, Revenge and Obsession and I felt in love with Poison. I will tell you why later.

Let us start with Kryptonite:

I applied 2 coats with a glossy top coat.

In my opinion, polishes by Picture Polish doesn’t need a glossy top coats, I just used it for a drying and smooth surface for photos.

The holographic glass flakes in it are typical for Picture Polish Holographics and I know you love it because I love it as well 🙂

Kryptonite is a collaboration shade by More Nail Polish from 2012. I think I can speak for every NPA (nail polish addict) it’s a freaking great opportunity to create your own nail polish.

Kryptonite Nail Polish

I wanted to order this polish very often but every single time I deleted it from my cart.  After wearing it I can’t remember why I did that…

For Poison I applied 3 coats with a glossy top coat.

It doesn’t bother me to apply 3 coats (1 more coat as normal) because look at this beauty:

I really love that shimmer and I will be wearing Poison again really soon.

Poison Nail Polish Review

O’Hara is a holographic polish as well but quiet different to Kryptonite because of the glass flakes. O’Hara has colored glass flakes like Rose, Wine and Fantasy. I really love this type of holographics, a lot more like the ‘normal’ holographics with silver glass flakes.

By the way I applied two coats and a glossy top coat but I have to say it’s nearly opaque in just one coat!

Ohara Nail Polish

If I’m allowed to dream my collaboration shade would have colored glass flakes as well..

Thanks again to Jules that I could be a part of the picture polish journal and I hope you all like the swatches!

And thanks so much for reading!


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A little more about your Picture Polish Reviewer:

Anja is a Blogger from Germany.

Check out Anja’s blog Bepinselt Blog for all her reviews. Anja loves nail polish but in particular holographic polish and creating content from swatches to nail art.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Anja.  The Girls xox