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Pear Chrome Powder

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Create green chrome nails with this stunning nail powder by Whats Up Nails

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Get back to nature with green chrome nails. This pear chrome powder is easy to use and gives your nails a beautiful green metallic finish.  Made by Whats Up Nails from the USA.

How to Green Chrome Nails | using Nail Polish (last 1-2 days)

  • Apply two thin coats of nail polish, let dry between coats. Picture Polish Black polish works really best however you can use any base colour.
  • Apply a top coat to smooth the nail surface. Let it dry to the touch but leave a little soft where it can still be dented.
  • Put a small amount of powder on the tip of your finger or use Picture Polish Clean Up Brush and gently buff it into your nail.
  • Continue gently buffing until the mirror effect is achieved over the entire nail.
  • Wipe excess powder with a dry brush or a clean finger.
  • Apply Revolution top coat to complete your chrome nails look.
  • For longer wear, once dried apply Top’n Base on top of Revolution (please do not use Looking Glass or any Fast Dry Top Coat as it will ruin the mirror finish).

Silicon dioxide, Silver

Weight = 1.5 grams | Jar will be full of powder.

All powders and pigments have different structure and finish so 1 gram of one powder can look less than 1 gram of another powder. Powder comes in a large jar that can fit more than 1 gram of product so your jar may not be full when you receive it.


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