H2Oh Water Decals S014

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A ready made design for your nails use Water Decals S014 to create a simple and fast manicure.
Otherwise known as a ‘slider’ water decals are also very easy to use.  When soaked in water the design element slides from the backing paper and can be transferred to your nails.
H2Oh water decals are designed and made in Russia.
Each sheet comes with 2 original flower splash designs with 28 elements
How to Use:
  • Select and cut a decal element from the sheet
  • Apply base coat to nails (use bright white nail polish to create a more vibrant look)
  • Place the element into water for 5 to 10 seconds
  • Remove the element from the water.  Slide the decal film from the paper base
  • Place the decal film on your nail
  • With a brush or cotton tip (dipped in nail polish remover) clean away the excess flim
  • Apply top coat to seal the decal to your nail

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