Free shipping on orders $49.00 Australia and $79.00 New Zealand + USA + Canada. Afterpay on orders $60.00+ Australia only.

Free shipping on orders $49.00 Australia and $79.00 New Zealand + USA + Canada. Afterpay on orders $60.00+ Australia only.


Recently I ordered some polishes through Picture Polish, and it was the best experience I’ve had in a long time! I was worried about ordering something outside the US during a pandemic, but at every step of the way, Picture Polish explained how my order was going and when to expect it. When it arrived, it not only arrived early, but expertly packaged as well! The polishes themselves blew me away. The colours were vibrant and opaque in one coat. The star of the first order (I had to order again!) was the polish peel with helped me remove glitter polishes with ease. All in all, a great experience, and I will totally be buying more (once some goodies come back in stock!) 🙂


Alicia G

Picture polish has the most amazing colours in their diverse line of nail polishes. I am never disappointed with every new order of nail polish. They are just so beautiful and I am looking forward to every new collection they will release in the future!

Angelina W

I found out about Picture Polish from a random Instagram ad and I am so glad I clicked on it because I love the nail polishes! I ended up getting four colours and I am so pleased with the quality and the way the colours look. I will definitely be ordering more soon!

Maeashah R

Last month I ordered 11 polishes from picture polish, and boy are they so amazing to order from.  We all know the worst part about ordering nail polish is the wait. But wait long I did not.  They had them shipped within 48 hours via DHL and I received daily updates as they made their trip to the states.  I received them 7 days after they shipped. Considering they are coming from halfway around the planet I am so excited to get these polishes within 10 days.

This brand has easily become my most favourite. All the colours are so true to their photos and the most smooth and buttery formula no matter how much glitter is in the mix. With each box opening I was just finding myself more and more amazed (admit it, I was totally fan girl excited) by the colours.

Rachel L

I have been very pleased with both the silver stamping polish and the shade Autumn that I bought. Lovely to work with and both really interesting and gorgeous shades. As someone new to stamping, I found the stamping polish picked up on the stamper so well, and I’ve tried it since on fine designs as well as heavier ones and it is just amazing each time! Such a wonderful soft silver it goes over almost any colour.

Lizzy M

I cannot recommend Picture Polish enough. Besides the vast colours, the different textures are unlike any other nail polish I have seen before! The artwork on their bottles also set them apart from the competition. My manicures always come out looking better than anticipated from them, and every time I order more, it is like Christmas when I wear each colour for the first time! The quality is amazing, and the polish stays on, for me pretty much seven days. This company is fantastic and deserves all the recognition they currently receive. I will be referring friends and family for business. Thank you, Picture Polish, for going above and beyond!

Joal G

My experience has been amazing! Shipping to the US was fast! I love the formulas.  They are self-levelling, smooth, fast drying with great saturation of colour. I love that I can get a professional look in half the time!!

Stacey L

I’ve recently bought a Tiffany’s Blue nail polish and I can’t even explain how happy & satisfied I’m! I was looking for that colour for such a long time and Picture Polish just nailed it! Beautiful, bright & long lasting. Love it! Will definitely buy it again! 🙏💅🏻

Baru M

I found Picture Polish because I wanted to try nail stamping. The nail polishes are of high quality. The colour selection is vast. (I now own 10 PP polishes). The stamping plates and stampers are easy to use (especially for a beginner). I think the price point provides great value for money. The customer service is fantastic; I made an error on an order and it was fixed as soon as I emailed the girls. Order processing and shipping is fast & everything is always wrapped to protect it in transit.

It is awesome to be able to support an Australian small business.



Amy H

As for my experience with Picture Polish purchasing – you have gone above and beyond with packaging and communication – and that I can definitely speak to! You have communicated openly, and you have managed my expectations very well. The quality of packaging – wrapping every single vial with care, and girth-packing them to leave no chance for shuffling in transit: very few sellers or even indie manufacturers do that. You really know what you are doing. You care about your customers, and you are making sure your product reaches safe and sound, even in today’s situation of pandemic.


Natalie S

I am very pleased with the quality of all the polishes! As always, it is hard to tell from pictures the exact shade it will be. The Ariel shade is slightly different then I imagined. The Peaches N Cream colour I thought I would love but it is too “neon” colour for me to be reaching for it regularly. Again, another shade that looked different in pictures. The coral reef colour is just an OK shade. I will probably use it since I love bright coral colours. My favourite is Spell. I will reach for this a lot. Overall, I am very pleased with the polishes. There are a few that I have been eyeing.

Rebecca L

Here is my experience for my first own order from Picture Polish:

After I got the notification, that Recovery is back in stock I went to the website and placed my order (for Recovery and many other polishes). Just 4 days after I have placed my order, I’ve gotten the notification from DHL Express, that my order has been picked up. Unfortunately, I was a bit unlucky and my order got stuck at customs, so I wrote the girls a message on Instagram on how to proceed. They responded almost right away (the addition “almost” is only due to the different time zones) and tried very hard to help me get my order as fast as possible. A few days later I received my order and was glad to see, everything I ordered was in perfect condition (the girls did an amazing job packaging everything as safely as possible!) I will definitely order from Picture Polish again!

Nina A

I have been collecting Picture Polishes since Ozotic days but was forced to go on a 7-year no buy because I had to start a job which kept me too busy to paint my nails. Chanced upon your website once again when just browsing the web during the COVID ‘lockdown’ period in Singapore and that was when I realised you girls were still creating amazingly pretty polishes! I just couldn’t resist loading up my cart (10 bottles!) and even asked my old girlfriends if they wanted to add any bottles in my order since I’ve already hit free shipping. It sort of gave me a chance to rekindle my friendships with my gals after losing touch with them for the 7 years we all have been on our no buys. It is quite amazing how Polish brings people together! Plus when I highlighted the difference in brushes the new polishes have verses the flimsy brushes that came with the older polishes, Megs gladly added a bunch of extra caps and brushes into my order so my old polishes can have the better and more controllable fat/flat brushes which I absolutely love! She did not have to, but she did! Cannot thank you enough for the speedy response and for being so thoughtful. ❤️ I am already eyeing a few other polishes and I can’t wait to place another order once they are back in stock! If anyone has any polishes in their cart RIGHT NOW, I would highly recommend heading to the checkout SOON before the polishes go out of stock again! Lol! Keep creating such gorgeous polishes with such perfect formulas and I am certain I will drop the term ‘No buy’ from my dictionary forever!

Ashley P

I bought maybe 5 or 6 times on your website and I love the fact that the shipping is really fast whereas I am in France. It always takes less than a week. Impressive ????

Lysiane P

I had a great experience shopping with Picture Polish. There were a few colours I kept seeing on Instagram that were not available through US or Canada stockists, so after talking myself out of buying nail polish from the other side of the world a few times, I finally gave in and allowed myself to make a purchase that required international shipping. I was intimidated by how much the shipping might cost, worried about how PayPal would figure the difference from $AU to $US, concerned about the mystery of customs and worried about breakage on top of everything else. Picture Polish was the best! They were in communication with me by email from almost the moment I submitted my order. Their shipper sent me a text within a day confirming shipment. I received daily update emails from the shipper about where my order was and how quickly it was moving through the process. The package got to me quickly and was packed very carefully. I truly appreciate the care taken to get Alice, Paris and Recovery to me so quickly and carefully. I am sure this will not be my last order.

Bonnie G

Awesome shopping experience with picture polish!  Amazing colours, smooth and easy to apply. Fast shipping, I live in Melbourne and received all products within 3 business days. Great prices.

Chloe Y

Bad formula? I do not know her. From purchasing to applying the polish, everything is a delight. The formulas are amazing, the colours are delightful, and the customer service is always on point. I really cannot recommend Picture Polish enough! My top picks are Chameleon, Macaron, Cosmos, Alice and Royal.

Joanne Mc

I adore Picture Polish from the bottles to the names to the colours and especially the quality. Unique hues with the right bits of sparkle for a grown-up. Out of the 3 I bought, I have only had a chance to wear Pinkie. Easy thin coats with great shine and so far, no chipping after five days. I will be back for more!

Shanee B

I have to force myself to reign it in, because I just want to keep expanding my Picture Polish collection. The formulas are fantastic and wear well, the bottles are so cute and cheeky, and I am never bored by what I see. I’m so glad I was introduced to the brand.

Tracie F

I found Picture Polish when I decided to shop locally, and I could not be happier with their colour selection and polish formula.  I love the added sparkle in many of their polishes and how chip resistant they are. I cannot wait to expand my colour range and try my hand at nail art.

Josephine G

My experience with picture polish so far has been incredible. I honestly could not decide which polishes to pick from, because WOW all of them are gorgeous. I was blown away by the fact that I could get free international shipping, and it made the decision to buy $65 worth of nail polish easy. The shipping was so quick, I got it sooner than a US based company I ordered from at the same time. And when it arrived, I was not worried at all that any polishes would be broken because it was packed perfectly. Now on to the polishes. HOLY C R A P. They are just as beautiful as the photos. When I got them, I could not decide which to put on my nails first, so I started doing some multi-coloured nail art because I wanted them all on my nails ASAP! I change my polish about every 3 days, so I am not sure how long it lasts, but I will say that by the end of 3 days it looked like I had just painted them. And to note, I painted my roommate’s nails about a week ago, and as of last night they looked fantastic with only a bit of wear-off at the tips. All in all, I have loved my experience buying from and using picture polish, and they are most definitely going to be a go-to polish brand now. I highly recommend!

Samantha C

Came for the colour, staying for the quality! Like many before me, I have become obsessed with wearing Holo on my nails. And the formula of deep, dark colours embedded with firefly highlights proved to be a combination too tempting to refuse. So imagine my delight when the polish delivered not only a flawless glassy finish, but it was also easy to work with, providing the perfect balance of drying not too quick (so I could get good coverage on the nail) and not quick enough (ah… the dreaded wait that can destroy a finish with a single bump). And the other thing we all look for in a good nail polish – the lasting. After putting considerable time and effort into a manicure, oh what a feeling when it’ still looking just as good at the end of the week. Thank you, Picture Polish, I am a firm fan and I cannot wait to add to my colour collection.

Cailan V.D.

This was our second Picture Polish order after we used up almost all our first ones. What a wonderful range of colours to choose from. We had fun choosing which colours to get. My girls love getting nail polish out each week to choose what colour to wear. They last for ages and are so easy to store, apply and remove. We love our growing Picture Polish collection.

Jessica M.V.

I’ll be honest, I’ve only done a full wear test of one of your polishes, and that’s Avocado (which I loved).  It lasted a long time with very minor chipping.  The others, I have done a swatch of all of the colors on my nails (Wisteria, Fake Tan, Tiffany, Chillax, and Saucy).  The formula was absolutely incredible on these polishes; two coats achieved full opacity.  What I liked the most was the fact that although all of the colors were very different, the formula was fairly consistent between each polish.  I think my biggest gripe about a polish is when it is not self-leveling, and these did not disappoint; all of them were so easy to apply, which was very important to me since I don’t have a ton of time to spend on my nails, but I do like to keep a polished look.  I haven’t tried anything besides creams simply because I personally do not prefer shimmery shades on my nails.  I think they look gorgeous; I just prefer a cream shade.


Shipping here to the US was also extremely fast, even through customs, and I really appreciated that.  This was overall clearly a pleasant experience, and I can’t wait for you guys to come out with some more shades!  Like I said, I really only wear cream shades, so I would love to see a forest green (similar to Evergreen, but in a cream formula) or a primary blue (like Freya’s cats without the shimmer).


Thank you so much for making such fantastic products! I look forward to purchasing from you again!

Ava M

I just wanted to send you an email and tell you how delighted I am with my Picture Curable lamp and polishes. I absolutely love them! I can’t tell you what an amazing product you have. The polish looks just like gel when set and has not damaged my natural nails at all when I have removed it. I really love getting gel but I hate the process of removal and it leaves my nails so injured. Also normal nail polish only lasts a few days on my hands.  I am so happy with it!

Thankyou! I have had my nails painted every single day since I received it ????



I’ve been a customer of Picture Polish for many years now and there is good reason for that. The quality of the polishes and products they offer is outstanding and their customer service is at the highest level.  They are always willing to help or answer any questions you may have and they are so welcoming to everyone they meet. I’m so pleased to be customer of such a wonderful Australian company and I know that I can trust them absolutely.

Kim J

Your nail polish brand is the best I have done by and what makes it better is that it is here in Australia. The formula is so nice to work with and two coats always leads to perfection and many compliments. Your Chillax polish is my all time go to nail polish for any occasion!

Castle V

Picture Polish is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best nail polish brands to ever come from Australia. The shades are exquisitely unique, with easy to apply formulas that glide onto my nails so smoothly I could swear they were made of silk. Picture Polish staff are as gorgeous as their shades. They are incredibly kind and friendly, and so amazingly helpful. I have never been more in love with nail polish than when Picture Polish entered my life.

Christie M

I just wanted to say how happy I am with your polishes! I regret waiting so long to place my first order. The formula is PERFECTION. The colors are super saturated without staining on removal. I am really hard on my manicures.  If I get two days from a mani I’m happy but with your polishes I made it to three days before any tip wear started. I can’t tell you how much I love being able to support an Indy company that puts out an exceptional product. Thanks so much for all of these amazing polishes, I can’t wait to order more!

P.S. The shipping was so fast you’d have thought the order was sent from within the US instead of Australia!


The best thing I can say about Picture Polish is that you have PHENOMENAL customer service. I will never hesitate to place another order.

Jade E

My experience has been great, the customer service has been amazing. The polishes are beautifully made and gorgeous on the nails.  I am very happy with no complaints at all, the shipping was fast and taken with care. Many thanks and keep making wonderful polish.

Marlene C

The polish is wonderful. Great choices of colours and provides excellent coverage.  Shipping was also very fast.

Bridget N

I had a great experience with Picture Polish. The website is super easy to navigate and easy to tell at a glance what is in stock and what isn’t. I had two orders – one for me and another for my mum – and it was shipped out so fast I was surprised. I was on holiday when I ordered, and my nail polish ended up arriving before I did! 😛 The polishes look absolutely beautiful, I couldn’t stop staring at them when I put them on. Lovely bright colours and even the shimmer ones were nice and bright. And they were easy to remove as well for when I had to get back to work, which is always a plus for me.

Shona D

Excellent service as always Picture Polish. Great range of polishes and plates and awesome service! ????

Sue B

I purchased Picture Polish as I was looking for a vegan nail polish.  I was not disappointed in the quality of the polish, purchasing a few different colours.  I love the Saucy red polish – it is a perfect red – just what I wanted. I look forward to purchasing more.



Denise L

I love buying polishes from Picture Polish. I highly recommend your products. The formulas are amazing! Every polish I have used is easy to apply because it is self-levelling and has wonderful coverage. I find that my Picture Polish products have great longevity and last as long as I need. The colours are beautiful, and I really like the range of colours and finishes available. The little touch of holographic sparkle in many of the polishes I have purchased provides constant joy throughout the week. I have created some of my favourite gradients using Picture Polish cremes. Thank you for such a fantastic range.

Laura B

Picture Polish is one of my favourite nail polish brands. They have such a wide range of unique colours and finishes, and every single polish that I have received have had amazing formulas and are true to the product descriptions and photos. I love how each and every polish have their own personalised bottle, it is evidence of how dedicated and passionate the Picture Polish team is. I highly recommend Picture Polish and their high-quality products.

Jasmine B

Shopping with Picture Polish is a dream! The website is so well set up and the colours of the nail polish are very close to the pictures on the website. So, what you see is what you get! I recently bought a stamper and other nail tools because Picture Polish make it look so easy to use with their how-to videos. Also, once you place an order, they let you know exactly when it is packed and sent, giving you a clear vision of where your purchase is. I loved how smooth the whole process was and how beautiful the colours and quality of the nail polish was that I have made two purchases in less than a month! I will definitely be making more purchases in the future.

Joyce N

Absolutely LOVE the range from Picture Polish. You have an awesome selection of colours, and prices are great. Love how the polish looks on and how hard wearing it is. I always get comments on the colours and asked where we purchased from. Won’t shop anywhere else now for nail polish.

Sarah P

My experience with ordering with Picture Polish this month was amazing. Not only did my order ship quickly, but I received it in less time than I expected as it only took 8 days to get from Australia to Canada! It was faster than most shipments I get from other parts of Canada! So far, I am very impressed with the new curable lacquer. No chips or peeling in the 5 days since I applied it. The regular lacquer (from another company) on my left hand has already peeled. Another great experience with Picture Polish and I will definitely be ordering from them again soon!

Sandi Mc

I was introduced to Picture Polish back in 2016. I saw the swatch of “Saltwater” on my friend’s page and I was informed about one of the reseller who was taking order. As a person used to polishes costing 1AUD, paying 12-14AUD per polish seemed like a big deal. But the colour held my heart and I could not give up. So “Saltwater” became my first PP polish.

When I used the polish, I fell in love with consistency, the brush, the way the polish spread evenly on my nails. The glitters/holographic so seamlessly blend into polish that it was pure joy to work with

From 1 polish in 2016 to 121 PP polishes in 2020, I proudly call myself not just a NPA but a PP NPA

Can’t wait for my next buy❤️

Ramya B

I would definitely recommend Picture Polish. The nail polish is amazing, both holos and creams. In fact, as much as I live for holo, the creams might be even better. They are so smooth and amazing! I am in the US and even during a pandemic the international shipping was fast and easy (thanks for providing some nail therapy during this time!) also, it’s something small but I appreciate the notes added to each step of the order. It is informative and thoughtful.

I hope my recommendation was not too long but you guys rock 🙂

Nicole D

I’m so pleased with the polishes I’ve received from Picture Polish. They have all been high quality & I appreciate the large range of colours & finishes. I’d also like to point out that these polishes have been packaged extremely well. I was a little nervous about having polish shipped from such a distance, but everything was individually wrapped; it was clear that a lot of care was taken.

Dana S

Have bought here 3 times, super satisfied each time. I have even gifted some to my sister who can’t be happier!

Laura N

It should come as no surprise that it was an overwhelmingly POSITIVE experience! So much so that I ordered from Picture Polish again in July. I should preface this by saying that I haven’t actually ordered any nail polish from Picture Polish yet as all the colours I am interested seem to be out of stock (which speaks of the quality of your products!). I am extremely grateful that Picture Polish stocks MoYou London stamping plates which is what I have ordered. The curated selection of stamping plates and the selected stampers are all so good, the designs versatile and the quality amazing. The service has been fantastic as well since you guys regularly keep me updated regarding the status of my order! The small tokens of communication are so appreciated especially during these times of pandemonium and postal delays. A Picture Polish package always brightens up my day.

Thank you for all your hard work. Stay safe and keep doing what you are doing because I think you all do an amazing job!

Joshua R

I used to do nail art which is how I know about your polishes. The quality has always been good, it is not streaky and dries fast! The brush also makes application really easy to keep neat.

I also own some of your tools which I love. The cleaner brush and the detail brush.

Overall, I am always happy with your polishes and I am glad to support and Australian brand. Keep up the good work 🙂

Kelly M

I recently purchased from Picture Polish and would definitely give them 5 stars. I ordered stamping products and polish, just to experiment with at home on myself. I had so much fun being creative with my nails and cannot wait to experiment some more. The products I ordered are great quality and easy to use. My order was posted promptly, and I am very happy with the customer service I have received.

Christine P

I had a wonderful experience purchasing from Picture Polish!  The customer service and shipping were fantastic.  The colours are all so unique.  The formulas are like butter, brush is easy to work with and I love displaying the adorable pictures printed on each bottle.  Just an overall fun experience to brighten this quarantine life and I’m excited to order more 🤗💅

Janine J

Love it! Super easy application and applies seamlessly do not even need to apply a second coat. Will definitely be buying from again.

Elyssa M

I love Picture Polish. It has now become my favourite brand of nail polish as I find the quality, shade selection and bottle design amazing and very unique. Postage is also very quick and easy which was especially rare given the fact I also purchased products during lock down in NZ. I recommend this brand to everyone now 🙂

Raiza G

“I love Picture Polish! I found this amazing brand years ago and still love them as much today as I did on day 1! They have amazing colours, easy to apply, and great quality. My “can’t live without colours” are Bordeaux, Superior, Shocked, Salt Water, Desire and Grace, but I’m finding more to love every time I shop! Picture Polish has a colour for every season, occasion, or mood. They have exceptional customer service, detailed tracking information, and a flawless shopping and payment systems. Being a shopper from the United States, I don’t even mind the extended wait time to get my purchases, they are worth the wait! I’m a buyer for life!”

Rebecca W

Hello! I really had an amazing experience both times I ordered from you guys! The order gets processed super fast and the shipping is fast as well! I love that everything comes nicely wrapped and protected!! And the nail polishes are amazing!! They are so rich in pigment and glide on like a dream! Can’t wait to buy more polishes !!

Cristal E

I have nothing but praise for the quality of the polishes, the uniqueness of the offerings and the AMAZING service provided. As an international customer (Canada) you can face long waits and no info about the location of your shipment as it crosses the ocean. That is not the case here and it will keep me coming back for more of these great polishes.


Dee C

The polishes I purchased are so beautiful!  They are easy to use and the curable lacquers are very forgiving! The formula is so opaque!  I bought a stamping plate too and it is really nice, the pictures come out very clearly.

Mary B

I really like shopping with Picture Polish for a few reasons. I love the selection of products… from polishes (of course!) to plates to tools to water decals. The selection of polish colours is excellent and some are super unique like Faith and Bluebird.

All of the polishes come in really nice bottles, matte tops and a nice squared shape which makes them really easy to store and beautiful to see. The polish formula is great too! They’re always smooth to apply (even the more glittery formulas), dry well and last. Even being a shopper from the USA is simple – super reasonable shipping costs and always super quick for international! Picture Polish is great! 🙂



Amanda L

I have had an excellent experience buying and using Picture Polish. I love the connection the girls have with us, polish fanatics! :))
I have wanted to order Picture Polish but was concerned about the customs problem as I do not live in Australia. Finally I decided to place my order last month. It came within a week even despite the hiccups with the customs. I am so glad I could get such beautiful polishes! But my Picture Polish collection is not complete yet, and I am definitely going to order more! Love the way they glitter with all those holo particles, and they can cover nicely and smoothly in one coat! I was amazed by the opacity, drying time and long wear. The colours are so pretty. My favourite polishes are St Petersburg, Sage, Cozy, Pooh etc etc. Actually, all the polishes are unique and gorgeous! Besides the polishes, I have ordered MoYou London stamping plates, which were not available on MoYou London site, and a stamper. I like it that they collaborate with MoYou London. I have to mention the customer service here. I especially appreciate the friendly attitude and understanding.   Thank you very much, Jules and Megs! ❤❤❤


I’ve been a lover of nail polish for all of my adult life and no formula or colour range compares to Picture Polish!! Their matte topcoat and glossy topcoat are also the perfect finishing touch to any manicure. I also love shopping with them because they are vegan friendly ❤️ highly recommend!

Courtney C

I was so excited when my polish came, and I was not disappointed! Every time I looked at polishes online, I was always drawn to the beautiful colours and different glitters in picture polish and finally just bought a bunch direct from them. They all went on so perfectly and looked amazing! I especially love triton and unicorn! I just wish they still made lagoon, I want it so bad! Just be aware that you will have to pay duty if not from the same country, but it was surprisingly not too much. The polishes were quite a bit cheaper buying direct. I will definitely be getting more. I gave one to my nieces and they are hooked!

Shana S

I’m really happy with the polishes I bought from Picture Polish. The colours and finishes I have tried have been great and the polishes apply beautifully.

Christine H

I would highly recommend ordering from Picture Polish! Not only are the colours fabulous and the polish works well, but I also love how quickly I received my purchase. Very glad I saw their Instagram and am already thinking about what colours I want to get next! The polishes went on so smooth and two coats was plenty to get desired colour.

Maria M

A few months ago, I was trying to find a good nail polish brand that has a unique set of colours, doesn’t rob my bank account and most importantly accessible in Australia. After a lot of searching on the net, I’ve finally found Picture Polish that ticked all of my boxes! Since then, I promised to myself I will never buy nail polishes from any other brand anymore. I’m looking forward for more collection from PP! Highly recommended ♥️

Carla W

I recently opened an account with Picture Polish for my beauty business, I am so happy I did, the service is amazing and quick turnaround. Cannot wait to continue shopping very soon.

Bec S

I am so glad I found you guys.  The base coat I ordered is one of the best not only does it fill in the ridges but there’s not yellow when your polish comes off and the polishes are just beautiful – they don’t chip easy and the colours are just as pictured.  Delivery was also really quick and given what’s going on I’d say that’s a massive plus too.

I’ll be coming back for more!

Deanne C

I placed my first order with Picture Polish and wow I am so pleased.

I received the order quickly and it was totally accurate.  I love every colour I ordered and have already started a Wish List for my next order.

The polishes are wonderful and easy to apply and last a long time.

I’m one happy customer!!

Thank You Picture Polish!!

Deb D

I love PP!!

You guys are so great.

Friendly service, fast shipping and an easy to navigate website.

Not to mention all the beautiful polishes!!!

I have never been disappointed with you guys and will continue to be a shopper!


Tamar S

I’ve been buying Picture Polish for many years and I absolutely love their formula! Especially the holographic nail polishes, I love how it can go from some subtle shade like Destiny and Salt Water to something very shiny such as Maldives and Kitty. I like blue colours and your team absolutely nailed all the blue shade. (I think I have most of your blue nail polishes?) Also really adore the nail polish bottle design, love the rectangle shape, easy to grab onto and looks very neat when you put multiple PP nail polishes on the shelf. Looking forward to future releases and I will definitely buy more 😀

Jenny F

I buy from your store on the recommendation of a friend from the USA.  I love the colour, I am fascinated by how they illuminate the colour of my skin. The Spell colour is wonderful, it lasts a long time on the nail, but I did not have the same luck with the Shine colour. I tried it this week for the first time and I painted it myself in the morning and by noon the nail polish was coming out in pieces.  The colour is beautiful, but it does not seem to be as strong as the other Spell colour.

Conny HG

“Picture Polish is one of my favourite brand of nail polish. The polishes are unlike any other, unique colours and finishes, and the quality is amazing. Love the bottles, they have very pretty designs, and the non-slip cap is great. Love the fact they ship internationally (it took 9 days to arrive to Canada). Love my Picture Polishes and it’s hard to pick a favourite.

Andreea P

I had a great first experience with Picture Polish. Shipping was quick and simple, Aus to the UK in 5 working days and during COVID is pretty impressive! The colours are gorgeous! ‘Castle’ is now one of my all-time faves, it is like I’m bringing the beach with me wherever I go and is perfect for summer (not that anyone has told the British weather it’s summertime). I’ll definitely be making more purchases in future and will be posting swatches of Castle on my Instagram @katesdemolishedpolish (I’ve never written that to a brand before and am slightly dying of embarrassment and general shyness).

Kate O

I just recieved my order of Chameleon, Castle and Salt Water and all 3 are so beautiful! I immediately had to use chameleon and I’m obsessed! My order came so quickly and I loved all the updates. Also great that it came well padded with no chance of breaking in transit. All the polishes seem like great quality and so easy to apply. It’s gonna be a mission to stop myself from buying more right away!

Love it all! Thanks so much!


I think that Picture Polish is a really great brand.

The Colour selection is wide and for everyone there is something.

I love your brand very much!

Alyssa B

Always a joy to shop with Picture Polish. Items are always packed well and promptly delivered. It is great to get quick access to new release Moyou plates without ordering from England. Polish are always great quality, good coverage and dry well. Colours are amazing, great as a stamping base or alone. Thanks for a great Australian option!

Claire L

The colours were absolutely beautiful, and I cannot tell you how much I love them. “Princess” had to be my favourite out of my purchase. I have never used a base coat before because I thought they would not make a difference, but I’ve learned how wrong I was! Your base coat makes the polish last significantly longer and I have reduced polish chips which is amazing seeing as I have very brittle and thin nails. Plus, it dries super-fast!  I have found all the nail polishes to be pretty fast drying and very opaque with a second coat. I also found the shipping to be quick. Especially during this time!


Shelly G

Picture Polish is undoubtedly the best nail polish brand I have ever used. The formula is second to none, so easy to apply, quick to dry, and there is a huge range of colours to suit anyone’s taste or skin tone. Not to mention the gorgeous holographic flakies that appear in most colours. Picture Polish is for absolutely everyone, from the beginner to the experienced nail artist, you will not be disappointed.

Sally A