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Glitter nail polish is a party in a bottle and glitter nails scream FUN! A clear base is common, so glitter polish can be referred to as a topper. Using a brush to apply glitter nail polish allows the base colour to show, using a sponge gives full coverage. The glitter itself comes in a variety of shapes like hexagons, circles, squares, and even triangles. A textured finish when dry means topcoat is a must, as it seals the glitter edges. Be warned, glitter can be difficult to remove, but a peel-off base makes it a snap.

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A collection of common questions that tend to be asked over and over.

What is Glitter Nail Polish?

Glitter Nail Polish is a fun way to elevate your nail polish game. Tired of wearing the same colour? Bored of applying typical patterns? It sounds like you may need to add all that sparkles into your life, and include a glitter nail polish to your collection from our online store.

Rather than having to choose between plain colours and something more exciting, glitter nail polish lets you have the best of both worlds. You can choose to have just glitter on top of the base coat or pick a nail polish that combines bold colours with flecks of glitz.

How to apply glitter nail polish?

Applying glitter nail polish the right way does require a few simple tips and tricks. Otherwise, you could end up with patchy and uneven nails that simply won’t dry. Nail art glitter is meant to be fun so be sure to apply the polish the right way to experience all its benefits!

When painting your glitter nails, it’s important to apply a peel off base coat first. Then, apply the glitter nail polish. Once that coat is on, make sure to finish by applying a top coat.

How do you make glitter nail polish look good?

The trick to applying glitter nail polish that is smooth and even, can be by using a nail sponge of all things! By applying the glitter nail polish to the sponge first, the sponge soaks up the actual nail polish, leaving only the glitter behind.

By removing the excess nail polish, the sponge will then apply an even coat to your nails. Without this extra nail polish, you will also notice that your nails dry quickly, making the nail glitter art experience quick and stress-free.

What removes glitter nail polish?

Removing glitter nail polish requires a good technique and patience. First things first, you want to soak a cotton ball in an acetone-based nail polish remover. Place the cotton ball on your fingernail and wrap around it with foil.

Sitting like this for 5 minutes lets the remover slowly loosen the glitter’s grip on the nail. When the time is up, pinch the foil pieces off in one swift movement. Then, soak new cotton balls with nail polish remover and rub down your nails until any remaining glitter is gone.

Removal is even easier by using a Peel Off Base Coat first.

What is glitter nail polish made of?

Many people know what traditional nail polish is made from, but when it comes to the glitter used in the nail polish, some may have questions. The textured glitter contained in Picture Polish is made using PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate).

The glitters are not biodegradable however the plastic resin is enclosed in a colour film. When the glitter is removed either with a peel off base coat or nail polish remover – we recommend you place in your rubbish bin.

How do you keep glitter nail polish from chipping?

When you go to the effort of putting on something like a multi-colour glitter nail polish or holo glitter polish, you want it to last. Each time you look down at your hands you’ll notice how the light reflects off the polish or how well the sparkly accents go with your outfit.

In order to properly admire the polish, you don’t want to be seeing any chips. To make the nail art last longer, when painting your nails, you should always apply a top coat once the glitter is on. This ensures that the glitter doesn’t chip off easily.