Free shipping for orders over: $69 Australia Wide

Free shipping for orders over: $69 Australia Wide


Like Starship built their city on Rock n Roll, Picture Polish has built a brand based on business principles they were most passionate about. Colour, creativity and connection.  Their story will always be in the making…

It started the way that many a successful story do. With a curiosity, a question, blind passion, naivety and a whole lot of humour.

The brains behind the brand are Megs and Jules East two go getter sisters. Who within a few years, grew a business for two into a giant community representing a global sisterhood.

In 2009 they posed the question.  Would people really buy nail polish colors online instead of the traditional bricks & mortar approach?  Whilst researching this, they discovered the opportunity to look at a whole new approach to the business and industry as a whole that wasn’t just restricted to the purchase process.

“We didn’t want to just create a product” says Jules. “We had a burning desire to create a movement in the nail polish industry.  That allowed people to express themselves, feel heard and share their story.”

From the beginning Picture Polish had a vision.  Every little bottle of nail polish would have its own unique personality.  That had the power to connect emotionally, one way or another, with its users.

A simple analogy is in the way a home cooked meal made with love can make someone feel, we wanted to create that effect with our nail polish.

Due to Megs and Jules background in the nail polish industry and armed with their technical experience, they were primed and ready at the beginning of the digital rise to be at the forefront of new trends.  They watched the blogging revolution with fascination.  A world where everyday people who intimately knew and were willing to share and write about their passion. And had the power to engage and ultimately influence readers with their knowledge, words and trust.

Working with bloggers has been instrumental to the growth of our brand as is our relationship with collaborators.

The first Picture Polish collaborations were with four stockists and two bloggers.  Since then we have delivered over 100 collaboration shades all over the world.  And still humbled by the love and feedback of our almost ½ million followers on Instagram.

Above all and to this day each nail polish has its own story of creation. Behind every shade, a mass of emotions from the person who created it.  Finally to the thousands around the world that wear it and share it.

In essence, Picture Polish is truly a nail polish family, a global community of like-minded creative bloggers, retailers, artists, designers, users and idea givers forming a giant sisterhood.

Furthermore we thank you for being on this journey with us.  Cheers The Girls xoxo