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Free shipping for orders over: $69 Australia Wide | $139 New Zealand | $159 USA - Canada


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Gorgeous lasting colour. Easy to apply and looks great

Candy Nail Polish
Magnifique vernis à ongles (Gorgeous nail polish)

Couleur est super brilliant. Caractéristiques techniques sont comme toujours parfaites. C'est un des mes vernis à ongles préféré (j'ai la petite collection de 78 vernis)

My new dream colour

I am utterly delighted with Morgana. The colour is STUNNING, even after one coat the colour is lovely. One of the nicest nailpolishes in terms of ease of application, too. Super impressed!!

Bold and Festive!!!

I purchased all the colours from the Holographic Polish Bundle with no regrets! Every colour is bold and the sparks of glitter gave my nails a multidimensional effect which looks awesome! Full opaque finish, no toxic smell, easy to apply and dries quickly. Perfect for when you're feeling bold or festive! I attached a photo of my finished manicure using "Drunk in love nails" although my photo taken on my old phone doesn't do this colour justice!

The perfect colour for spring and summer!

Wow!!! This is such a bright and fun nail colour it always puts me in a good mood and brightens up my day! It's the perfect nail colour for spring and summer and two coats is enough for a full opaque finish. No toxic smell, easy to apply and dries quickly. I highly recommend!

Looks like the solar system on my nails! Gorgeous!

I've fallen in love with Serendipity Nail Polish! The shifts in green, blue and purple with multi-dimensional specks of glitter makes my nails look like they're from outer space! This nail colour always grabs everyone's attention and makes for the most eye catching manicure! I also found that two layers was enough for a full coverage opaque finish and it dries quickly without any patchiness. I highly recommend!

The BEST neon green nail colour!

I have a huge collection of green nail polish as that's my favourite nail colour, but this picture polish "Lime Lite Nail Polish" is my favourite! It's the most neon nail colour I've ever come across, is super bright and it applies evenly without any patchiness. I also love that it dries quickly and doesn't have a toxic smell. Overall I'm very satisfied! I highly recommend it's definitely not a boring nail polish colour and really makes a statement!

Just WOW!!!

I absolutely LOVE the multi chrome and holographic effect of this nail polish colour! It has so much dimension, the nail polish application is easy to apply with a smooth and even finish, it dries quickly and doesn't have a nasty toxic smell like most other nail polish brands. It also looks exactly as it's pictured which is just gorgeous!

Very unique and beautiful!

I LOVE my Chameleon Nail Polish! This is the most eye catching and unique nail polish I own and I just love how it shifts colours! This nail colour always gives me compliments and is the favourite in my huge collection. I highly recommend!

Tulip Nail Polish
Jemima Chang
Beautiful spring/summer pink!

Tulip is such a happy pink! The formula is amazing as always. Love the holo sparkles in it.

Wisteria Nail Polish

Very pretty colour lasts a few weeks easy with top coat.


Magnificent colour. Lasting well. No strong nail polish scent . Love it

Chameleon nail polish

I love this nail polish, can't stop looking at it's changing colour


Love my new Picture Polish ❤️

Best Fall Plum Shade

I eyed this color for a long time and finally got it. The deep creamy plum-wine shade is so perfect for fall. I skip the pumpkin spice shades and go for purples this time of year. It made a beautiful back drop for a falling leaves mani, The formula is great for gradients as well - good opacity for gradient build up in 2 passes. PP creams are the best!

Perfect Neutral

Photos of this polish are what lead me to the brand. In some it appears pink in others more nude. Turns out they were both right. This is the perfect neutral shade for my skin tone - just enough pink and depth to look elegant and understated without being "naked" skin tone.

Mad magenta nail polish

It’s not my colour. I brought it thinking was like the photo advertisement on Facebook. I probably won’t use unless I mix it with white to tone it down.

Grace Nail Polish
Michele Sansom

I am very happy with my purchase, this nail polish is the longest lasting polish I have ever had and looks great.

Perfect blue, but thin.

It is a beautiful colour and exactly the kind of shade I wanted; however, even going into my purchase knowing it was thin and needed many coats for full coverage, I was a little surprised to find just how many coats I truly required. It's very thin, and I found I needed more than three coats to make it opaque (5-6 coats), and even then, it was still a bit transparent. I'm not going to knock it stars for that because that's its draw, and it is a beautiful blue, but just a heads up to others who want full coverage and go into this expecting 3-4 coats to do the job.

Camelot Nail Polish
Alli Monaghan
wears well

Almost a week before it started to chip which is good for me I'm a hairdresser with my hands in water alone so most don't even last a couple of days

Fantastic formula and color

Very shifty and mesmerizing. Formula was easy to use and gave me two coat coverage. Looks very different under different lightings

Amazing formula

Easy to work with and dries very glossy

Amazing formula

One coat full opacity on my nails

Fabulous colour that changes with the light

Remarkable colours. Was a bronzy-purple when I first applied it, but depending on the angle and the light, I've had it look burnished gold, purple, even green. Absolutely love it.
It's also hard wearing which is a bonus.

I think this might be my favorite base coat now, two coats of this under any difficult formula makes the polish a lot easier to use for me.

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