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Free shipping for orders over: $69 Australia Wide


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Love it

I love the colour. Perfect colour to wear on nails and toes.
One coat is enough for me. It looks great. Very easy to apply with the wide brush. It’s trying fast. It was very hard to choose one colour because there were so many I liked. It’s a big YES from me.

Berry Delight

I love this rich, elegant color! I only use this curable polish now. It's simple to apply, wears well and super easy to remove. Great product- I highly recommend it!!


Absolutely love this colour Embrace it’s one of my favourite nude shades it’s such a flattering colour.
It’s very smooth and easy to apply and dries in no time.


Love the easy to apply formula, that is so creamy and fully opaque in two coats. Polish dries shade darker than in the bottle, but I love it in any shade! I am wearing two coats and top coat.

Perfect autumn colour

In the bottle and on a swatch stick, this leans pinker than expected, but it’s perfect on my nails. It’s a nice orange-ey red which is perfect for autumn.

It’s almost a one-coater, but it took two to get perfect opacity. It stamps fairly well too (seen on my ring finger over korma)


Such a beautiful polish packed with lots of holo. I love both how it looks under normal lighting and in the sun. The formula is gorgeous and applies so nicely!! Also very opaque. Definitely one of my new favorites, picture polish never disappoints! My photography skills are very poor so the photos definitely do not do it justice!

So pleasantly aromatic

Aside from the benefits this cuticle conditioner provides, it smells *so good*. And the dropper lid is such a convenience.

Best file I've ever used

This is my first glass nail file and it's such a drastic improvement over everything else I've used. The filed edge is so wonderfully smooth, I wouldn't have thought it was possible.

So gentle

This is the first glass manicure stick I've used. It feels a bit different to an orange wood stick, and takes a little bit of getting used to, but it seems to be gentler while remaining just as effective.

Uniquely vivid green

Hunting for a vivid green polish is what brought me to Picture Polish in the first place. This polish is just as bright and vivid on the nail as it is in the bottle, after two coats to ensure complete coverage, and pairs wonderfully with a shiny top coat.

Such a help

Before this, I never bothered with a base coat. Now that I've seen what a difference it makes - both to helping the smoothness of the applied polish and to increasing the longevity of the application - it'll become a regular step in my process.

The perfect finishing touch

Given my impatience and clumsiness, having this shiny top coat dry quickly helps me avoid ruining my nails 5 minutes after they're painted.

A real treat

I wouldn't ordinarily splash out on something as indulgent as this, but during my last order I thought what the heck - and I'm glad I did! Even though I don't have particularly dry hands to begin with, they're noticeably softer to the touch after using this oil.

Effective and aromatic

This is the first cuticle remover I've purchased for myself and it's been such a help. It works wonders, it smells fantastic, and the dropper lid is a fantastic quality of life feature that makes controlled application convenient.

Me time

It took 3 coats to get the colour I was after and a fair amount of time to dry however once you get through that it seems to go the distance. One week in and its still looking great.

Smells delicious and super moisturising

I’ve been using this cuticle oil for a few weeks now and have definitely noticed a clear improvement in my nails and hands. My dryness has disappeared and I no longer struggle with hangnails or nail breakage. The oil itself is super thick and rich, so it feels really luxurious to use. Plus it smells absolutely amazing - like citrus! The bottle itself also makes it really easy to apply. You only need a few drops and the dropper makes it super easy to only dispense how much product you actually want, and not anything more! I also really appreciate the fact that the label is plastic coated, so it doesn’t get ruined from excess oil like paper labels on cuticle oils do. I’d definitely recommend this oil to anyone looking for a nourishing cuticle product with a wonderful scent.

*Please note that this product was sent to me for free in exchange for an honest review.

So pretty

The colours are gorgeous, there's a pretty sparkle and it shifts from a bright teal-y blue through a true blue and into warm purple depending on the angle.
I did have a little trouble getting it on - definitely user error, i think my coat was a bit thick so a couple nails cured a little oddly, but I'll know for next time.
I took the photo today, I've had it on for about a week and a half so they've grown out a bit, but other than some slight lifting at the base of one nail, they're still perfect. I don't think I'll be using regular polish after this with how easy/quick and strong this is!
I haven't taken it off yet but it doesn't seem hard.

I would really love to see some more chromes (i think a pinky purple to an orange-y gold would be gorgeous), and perhaps clear with glitter polishes that i can layer in the curable line.

Amazing Colour

I can’t believe I’ve never reviewed this, considering it’s my favourite colour.

Opaque in two coats, and it looks great with either a glossy or matte top coat.

Monroe Nail Polish
Nicole Badior
Beautiful colour and applies like a dream

Adored this colour Monroe! Stunning colour, applies beautiful … topped it with a cute nail strip and the glossy curable lacquer. Adore it so much

Glam purple shimmer

I love this polish! It is predominantly purple with a pink-blue sheen in different lights. The color change isn't as dramatic as with Chameleon or Beetle, but it's just as pretty and looks and feels like an expensive mani.

Fabulous hand and nail oil

I have been using this beautiful product since receiving it on 28 March. I love how it absorbs into the skin and my cuticles are well nourished. I religiously use it twice a day. I use the Picture nail polishes which I love. The colour here is Velvet Crush.

Love the colour

Great metallic sheen and I love how the colour changes in the light. My nails look a bit scuffed in the photo, but that's because this manicure is a week old, so it lasts really well too.

Swagger Nail Polish
Brad Markley

I absolutely love this color blue. My wife loves it on me.

Most Beautiful Flakie Blue

This was the first polish I tried on by Picture Polish. One swipe was fully opaque, and the depth of Eventide is beautiful! I have gotten many compliments

Leaves you moisturised

I was gifted a bottle of the new hand and nail oil, and as someone whose job is rough on their hands, I often have dry hands. This oil soaks in super fast, and leaves my hands soft and moisturised, and it smells so nice!