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Ombre Nails Sponge Kit


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Blend your colours with the MoYou London Ombre sponge kit.

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Ombre or gradient nails are so fun to do using the MoYou London Ombre Nails Sponge Kit. This nail art technique is a gradual transition of colour on your nails. There’s linear, radial, patterned, angle, reflected and diamond, to name a few.

The sponge kit comes with a holder and six re-usable (non-latex) rectangular sponges. It’s the perfect tool for beginners to advanced nail artists alike. Use liquid nail tape around your cuticles for easy clean up. With a little practice, you will be blending and mixing up colour combinations in no time and your nails will look amazing.

Sveta used Tiffany, Peaches n Cream and Bright White nail polish in the video. Further more, there are endless options of nail polish colours to choose from right here.



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