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Review | Blueberry

Blueberry Nail Polish Review | Launch Week | August 2019

Second colour to be revealed was a beautiful blue holographic nail polish named ‘blueberry’ so here’s the story…

Blueberry was created with Jessi @colourfulnailarts from Germany. Jessie’s inspiration can be found in little round balls of sweetness and delight. Memories spent with family, taking long walks on warm summer days. Endless meadows and fields, refreshing moments in time.

Blueberry Nail Polish

Blueberry Nail Polish

Here’s another beautiful comparison by Edina @lakkomlakkom just for you…

Nail Polish Blueberry Comparison

For your viewing pleasure here’s some more swatches and thoughts about Blueberry…

Jessi’s shade is the most divine blue. Filled with holographic particles, it shines like a galaxy on the nails (and you know my deep love for galaxy nails!). It is perfect in 2 coats, looks very chic and has the perfect amount of sparkle to make it shine. Pure beauty… Laetitia @ilaeti

Blueberry Nail Polish

Blueberry is now my favorite blue. This blue is so unique in my collection. I love this one… Melanie @getupft

Blueberry Nail Polish

Blueberry is a dream come true! It is so beautiful! I’m wearing only ONE coat. It’s is the perfect holographic galaxy 🌌  Jessi created something so magical… Anja @anikibee

Blueberry Nail Polish


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