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Importance of Being Polished

February 12, 2019 | Polish

A nail polish lovers thoughts on the importance of being polished…

I was heading home the other day, leaving the day behind me together with its long list of things I needed to do and tasks to accomplish, when I realized I felt much better than expected. It was one of those days when you just want to get it over with because nothing goes right. Even the weather didn’t promise anything nice looking at me with its dark, sinister eyes. I was trying to figure out the reason of my good spirits and it dawned on me while I was getting the keys out of my pocket. The answer was right there on my nails – it was a beautiful polish I had applied that morning that helped me get through the day and stay cheerful.

It got me thinking. Does each polish do that much for me every day? Is the power of colour that big? After a little consideration I can safely say that nail colours are a perfect way to brighten a day, make you feel stronger, unwind or, well, you name it! It can do anything!

The polish I was wearing that day I described earlier was the seductive Bordeaux. This alluring shade is like an impeccably fitting dress. It makes you feel immaculate. It is bold, daring and confident and it gives you the power of feeling the same about yourself even on a day when you don’t feel like that. This burgundy beauty is truly like a glass of good wine.

Sometimes the city life becomes too much for me and I start longing for a quiet country house somewhere near the woods with its soothing tranquility and breathtaking landscapes. Whenever I feel the need to escape from the city’s hustle and bustle, I take a shade that can instantly carry me to the land of pine trees and fresh air.  Forest by Picture Polish does exactly that – it gives you peace and quiet (and beautiful nails as a bonus).

If the woods aren’t enough, then it’s time to plan a seaside vacation. Just imagine those magnificent sea views, the sound of rushing waves that are so busy playing tag with each other and the mischievous flecks of sunlight sparkle dancing in the water. This is what Fool’s Gold shade is about – it can get you to the seaside faster than any plane ever will. Vacation mood is definitely on now!

Those travels feel invigorating, don’t they? We’re back to our city life and it’s time for a girls’ night out! We need something sleek and captivating (oh, and supremely stylish, of course) to pair with a couple of hours at a sophisticated lounge chatting over a cocktail. I’ll pick Darcy – it’s like a great blazer that makes your look complete, polished and put-together.

Since we’re talking fashion just a tiny bit, I’ll share the ultimate piece of clothing that I’ve been struggling to find for some time now. I dream about  the perfect summer lace dress. It’s an off-white delicate thing with a hint of lilac to it sprinkled with holo dust and kissed with pink to blue glass flecks. Oh wait… We aren’t talking about the dress anymore.  I got carried away because there’s a lovely colour that reminds me exactly of that type of apparel.  It’s the pretty Blossom polish that did it to me!

There are certain things that can dampen my feelings during the day but I found an amazing solution that works every time and helps me elevate my mood. A colour is a powerful tool and my way of incorporating it is by means of  using nail polish. I can take a look at my nails, enjoy the view and let my imagination flow at any moment.


A little more about your Picture Polish Writer…

Alice is a nail polish lover and lipstick devotee from Russia.  In her words: I have a never ending love affair with colour which led me to discover nail polish and nail art as a creative outlet to express myself. I am also very keen on water colour, photography and literature. Whenever I’m not reading, painting or taking pictures, though, I’m busy exploring new unknown-to-me words and spending time marveling at the beauty of foreign languages which I am a big fan of. That’s why I can often say that “I bought a new polish for the name!” 🙂 I love Picture Polish for being connected with their fans and celebrating creativity!

Check out Alice’s Instagram Blossom.Street for her stunning nail art and swatches.

Thanks for your colorful thoughts Alice.  The Girls xox

The Importance Of Being Polished