Sadly, our Dad has passed away, so we are currently on bereavement leave. Shipping returns on Tuesday 30th April.

Sadly, our Dad has passed away, so we are currently on bereavement leave. Shipping returns on Tuesday 30th April.


15 Awkward Nail Polish Problems

February 7, 2019 | Polish

How many nail polish problems are two many…

Well here’s 15 awkward nail polish problems that only a NPA (nail polish addict) would understand.

  1. The trauma when a nail polish brand announces they are changing their bottle design. On their IG post you supportively write ‘YAY! and post three heart eyes emojis. Translation: you sob for three hours as you realise you will have to sell all your old style bottles as now they WON’T MATCH!
  2. Wondering how to explain to your confused new neighbours why you are crouching by a tiny spot of sun outside your front door taking 100 photos of one of your hands.
  3. Realising you may need to get new glasses when you oil your cuticles with top coat. It makes them very shiny but not necessarily very moisturised…Using cuticle oil as your top coat is also not terribly successful. Don’t ask how I know this.
  4. Buying 10 packs of latex free sponges for gradients as you don’t want to risk the horror of running out, and the bemused drugstore assistant asking just how much foundation are you intending to wear?
  5. Friends no longer questioning why you turn up to the pub with bits of latex in your hair and smelling faintly of acetone.
  6. No one believing that you could possibly be painting your nails yourself. Give in and recommend a nail bar you go to or they will start asking you to do their nails. With YOUR preciouses….Not happening.
  7. Realising too late that 6986 photos of disembodied hands on your camera roll might be a tad alarming to the guy at the Apple Store who is attempting to work out why your phone keeps crashing. Apparently I should delete some of the hands…..I don’t think so….I bought more memory.
  8. When your friend asks to borrow your new, very expensive limited edition purple holo that you’ve had shipped all the way from Australia to the UK, as she thinks it would look nice on her….toes. Drive straight to the drugstore and buy her a purple glitter. She will never know the difference. But you will..
  9. Thinking ‘oh how much fun it would be to do a little spot of watermarbling!’ Five hours of crying over a small cup of room temperature water later you reassess your definition of fun.
  10. The awkwardness of your work colleagues discovering you have an IG account where you just post photos of your nails. They will make you feel like you have a weird fetish. I really don’t know how spending your day oohing and ahhing at strangers’ fingers all day could be seen as unusual behaviour….*cough* #denial
  11. Breaking a nail on your ‘good’ hand, so trying, and completely failing, to train your other hand to pose for a photo without looking completely demented.
  12. Having to explain to your ravenous housemates why you have returned home with a gorgeous new pink nail polish instead of dinner.
  13. Declaring yourself in love with your new manicure so much that you will wear it forever, which in nail polish addict terms means about three days… okay, maybe two and a half.
  14. That moment when the sun unexpectedly comes out and you wave your hands around so wildly to catch the holo that you whack a complete stranger in the face.
  15. Having wet nails almost permanently and having to rely on your husband, friend or even a random passer-by in the street to do the most basic tasks for you: like open a door, find the keys in your bag, feed you chocolate…

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A little more about your Picture Polish Writer…

Claire lives on the beautiful southwest coast of England, on a constant but currently fruitless search for Ross Poldark. She is also an aspiring writer and supermodel. She suspects she is more likely to succeed in becoming a writer. While awaiting the global stardom that will surely come, she has made it her selfless mission to acquire all the Picture Polishes ever made. She may soon have to buy another house in which to store them.

Check out Claire’s Instagram Clairestelle8 for her mix of amazing nail art and humor.

Thanks for the reality check Claire.  The Girls xox