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Nail Art

Create beautiful nail designs with our nail art accessories. Which includes three essential nail art brushes: the Detail Brush, the Liner Brush, and the Clean-up Brush, are also available in a kit. Dotting tools are easy to use and perfect for beginners and advanced skills. The Gradient Sponge kit contains a holder and six sponges to create beautiful gradients. Nail care is vital for flawless nails, so find your Glass Nail File and Manicure Stick here too.


A collection of common questions that tend to be asked over and over.

What are the tools for nail art?

To bring nail art to life, you will need some key supplies. First things first, you need a high-quality nail art brush. You can choose our brush kit, or one of our professionally styled nail art detail brushes, which is a great investment. The detail brush can be used to create one of a kind artistic strokes on your nails. Create beautiful designs easily with our range of nail art brushes, we have so many to choose from.

You will also need dotting tools which are important additions to your nail art kit. The dotting tool helps you create tiny designs of any kind on top of your nail polish.

If you’re serious about nail art, then you cannot go past Nail Art Stamper which assists with creating unique stamped designs. The stamper is used to pick up the design from the stamping plate.  Features a see through rectangular prism and silicone base.  This means you get full visibility when stamping the design to your nail.

People also love Gradient nails these days, so you’ll need a gradient sponge in your nail art kit for this technique.

What does everything in a nail art kit do?

In a nail art kit, all the tools work together to ensure that you create a flawless nail art design. This does not just mean that your nail art is on point however done correctly for long lasting nails and flawless care. Everyone prefers a long-lasting manicure, when you use the right tools, you can achieve this and have fun while doing it. There is no use having a great design if you have not laid the proper groundwork for a durable manicure.

The brushes are used to apply designs using your nail polish. But you can also use a stamper and scraper to apply designs, this means you pick a stamping plate, and apply it easily with the tool.

In a nail art kit you have the tools to create fun designs. It is handy to use a clean-up brush to ensure your cuticles are clean of nail polish, thus ensuring you are happy with your finished product.

What do nail artists use around the nail?

Both professional and at home nail artists, apply their nail polish differently. Thanks to the rising popularity of DIY nails, several different techniques have emerged.

However at Picture Polish we love using cool innovative products like, Liquid Palisade, a peel away liquid nail tape. The liquid tape is applied on the outside of the nail to shield the cuticle and skin around the nail from the polish. This results in less clean up time and a flawless manicure.

How do you use nail art tools?

When it comes to creating great nail art, tools are key. However, you need to have a basic understanding of how to use them before you start your manicure.

A nail dotting tool allows you to create either a marble effect or a pattern design. For a marble effect, drag this nail art tool through the different colors of nail polish you have painted onto your finger. This is a great design for people who love modern, playful designs.

For patterns, use the tool to dot the nail polish on your nail. To take designs to the next level, use one of our nail art brushes from our online store for great application. You can even use a nail art liner brush to create fine lines in your nail art design.

How do you do nail art stamping?

The first step when it comes to nail stamps is to apply a clear base coat to your nails. This will protect and strengthen your nails. Once the base coat has dried, apply your base colour. Allow the nails to dry completely before stamping the design.

When it comes time to stamp, coat the design with your nail stamping polish. Scrape any excess polish off the plate before using the stamper to pick up the polish. You should be able to clearly see the design on the stamper.

Roll the stamper over the nail, moving from one side to the other. Press down firmly, careful not to smudge the design. Once the design is on your finger, coat the nail with a clear topcoat.

Do you have to use stamping polish for nail stamping?

There isn’t a written rule that says you must use stamping polish when trying out nail stamping. However, for beginners, stamping polish is quite helpful. Stamping polish is formulated to be thicker and dry slower which is what you need for stamping.

Stamping polish has a thicker and opaque formula, which, when dried, allows the design to really stand out. Instead of blending into the base coat, stamping polish really allows the design you’ve chosen to stand out on your nail.

As you progress with your stamping abilities, you can use regular nail polish. Keep in mind though that regular polish is thinner so you will see the base colour through the stamp design.

What nail polishes are good for stamping?

When it comes to choosing the perfect nail polish for stamping, you need to choose a polish that will cover your nails with one coat well. You also want a polish that won’t be too sheer when applied to the nail.

Stamping polishes that are included in nail stamping kits in Australia are thicker than ordinary formulas. However, if you have a polish, be it metallic, matte or pastel that covers well, you can also use that.

How do you clean nail stamping plates?

The best way to clean your stamping plate is to use cotton pads that have been soaked in pure acetone nail polish remover. You need to wipe the stamping kit from various angles to get between the groves of the plates. Before using the plates again, make sure they are dry.

When cleaning your stamping kit, avoid using nail polish remover that has additives like oils and moisturisers. They will leave a layer of oil over the plates which will interfere with stamping over time.