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Picture Curable Lamp

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The Picture Curable Lamp aka ‘Spaceship’ will cure your nails.  For launch (pre-order) Offers see Picture Curable Guide here.

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The Picture Curable Lamp aka ‘spaceship’ is the only device that will cure your nails with Picture Curable.

For an extensive review on the Picture Curable Lamp see The Spaceship Review.


  • Power = 48 W
  • Light Source: 33 x 395nm diodes only*
  • Diode Lifespan: 50,000 hours

*The Picture Curable lamp does not cure gel systems that cure at 365/405nm.

Picture Curable is not nail polish nor gel nail polish. For everything you need to know about curable lacquer and very important information please see Picture Curable Guide thank you.