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Stamping Plate Kitty 15


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The Kitty stamping plates collection by MoYou London lets you embrace your elegant and sensuous side, let your claws be your very own catwalk.

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MoYou London Stamping Plate Kitty 15

Create beautiful nail art and unique patterns. The nail art designs can be applied with nail polish on your nails.

MoYou London Stamping Plates are easy to use.  Beautifully packaged and designed for nail art lovers, beginners to advanced.

Firstly remove the blue protection sticker.  Then apply nail polish on the desired design image.  Remove excess nail polish with the scraper using a 45 degree angle. Pick up the design with the nail stamper and stamp the image to your nail.  Finally apply top coat for a longer lasting result.  See all Top Coats here.

1 review for Stamping Plate Kitty 15

  1. solidspaceau
    14 May 2018

    The cutest kitty silhouettes!!!

    The cutest kitty silhouettes!!!

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