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Review | Voodoo

May 9, 2019

Voodoo Nail Polish Review by Guest Blogger | Lack Traviata

Do you believe in magic? And if so, what about dark magic like voodoo?

Well, I personally believe in magic in general. Come and meet… ‘voodoo’ by Picture Polish. I’m convinced that this beautiful nail polish brings true magic to your nails!

When I saw this gorgeous deep brownish burgundy for the first time I fell in love head over heels as it is packed full of tiny red and golden glittery particles. I’m seriously blown away by this polish!

The formula was great, a bit sheer but easily build-able. Even though it was opaque in two coats, I applied a thin third layer for the most possible depth. Finally I applied one coat of top coat which made the surface perfectly even. It looks absolutely beautiful and sparkles like crazy in direct light.

This colour is simply magical and made me feel super vampy when I wore it. Voodoo is definitely one of those ‘jaw-dropper’ polishes and I am more than happy knowing this beauty in my collection. Thank you, dear team of Picture Polish!

Voodoo Nail Polish Review

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A little more about your Picture Polish Reviewer:

Meike is a Blogger from Germany

Check out Meike’s blog Lack Traviata for all her reviews.  When Meike’s not working as an assistant at University, her three kids and five cats keep her busy. Painting her nails is a personal moment of rest and provides a good opportunity to express herself by picking different colours. She loves the variety and exceptionality of the Picture Polish colours, especially the greens and reds. As her name might tell Meike has a weakness for opera as well.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Meike.  The Girls xox