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Why I Wear Nail Polish

May 13, 2019 | Community

Sometimes people ask, why I wear nail polish? And I thought about it a lot…

Like many of us I started as a child, the first nail polish I got, was from my father.  He gave me a bag filled to the brim with makeup and nail polish. I think we all remember our first nail polish and the big cases filled with cool girly stuff. I got my makeup case when I was eight years old and was so happy playing with everything.

In my case there were eight nail polishes, only small bottles, yet really colourful. I remember pink, purple and I always painted my nails when I visited my dad.  But it was not great and really just for fun.

When I went to primary school, I forgot about it, because nobody wore nail polish. I grew up in a small village and nobody wore makeup or nail polish. But when I went to high school, in a big city, my passion started again.

I purchased the cheapest nail polish I could find, because I didn’t wanted to spend all of my money on it. I just wanted to be as COOL like everybody else…. with nail polish.

It took me a long time to realize that nail polish could be an art and also damage or heal my nails.

I never had long nails, because I always chewed on my nails. But when I saw pictures of beautiful long nails, with different colours and creative designs… things changed. When I started to let my nails grow I purchased better nail polish, some with good ingredients to heel my nails and make them strong.

I wanted to create nail art. But first I had to practice applying nail polish without nail art. It was hard at first and a lot of practice. But one day it happened easily and I started to try to paint characters too. I watched so many YouTube videos, purchased the right tools and tried a lot of techniques.

The first attempts went terribly wrong and I was so frustrated. But I didn’t stopped watching videos and trying new things. And over time I made a lot of beautiful nail art designs.  I’m still learning new methods and you always find new brands and colours. But I will never stop painting my nails and creating nail art.

It’s my passion. I don’t want to live without it. And with all that work and exercises I also learned the difference between good and not so good nail polish. Today I want nail polishes that are long lasting, good for my nails and for the environment. I found all of those things with Picture Polish. Best of all they have so many beautiful colours and lots of glitter. I love it!

A little more about your Picture Polish Writer…

Melanie is from Germany and is a total beauty-addict. She works at Sephora. Melanie’s passion is for make up and all things nail. In her free time she fights for children rights and start projects, sometimes she works together with UNICEF.

Check out Melanie’s Instagram beautybymelli for her mix of make-up and nails.

Thanks for your beautiful story Melanie.  The Girls xox

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