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5 Ways To Show Off Your Nails

June 6, 2019

A fresh mani is a surefire way to show off your nails. It make’s me feel sassy and amazing, but as much as NPA’s like myself rock cute nails for personal happiness, a compliment or three never hurt, right?  So in that vein, I’ve found five fabulous places to casually-but-on-purpose display my nails and fish for well-deserved compliments. Because great nails deserve to be applauded.

Show Off Your Nails in a Grocery Store

A common location with high turnover and ample opportunities to interact with strangers, the grocery store is the place to be with gorgeous nails. Peruse the produce section, inspecting round or cylindrical fruit with intensity. Maybe even ask for an opinion on how to choose the perfect avocado and BAM, the stranger’s attention will shift from the obviously unripe fruit and right onto your nails, turning the aisle into compliment central

Show Off Your Nails in a Coffee Shop

Coffee cups are probably the best way to casually show off nails because the mere act of holding one displays your mani in full glory. Consider making eye contact while taking a sip, thusly raising your hand for even easier visual access, and no doubt your symmetrically shaped, polished nails will elicit a smile of envious delight. Doesn’t hurt that people are getting their caffeine fix at the same time, leaving them more open to the joy of impeccable linework, so make sure to take advantage!

Show Off Your Nails in a Bookstore

First off, bookstores are awesome, which means that most people inside bookstores are kind souls who go nuts for anything creative. Bookshelves are magnificent tools for showing off manis, so find another patron or staff member and run your fingers along the spines as if deciding on your next book. Before long, they’ll not only compliment you on your taste of reading material, but also your gradient rainbow mani!

Show Off Your Nails in a Movie Theatre Lobby

This one is kind of a niche, but for whatever reason, holographic polishes look incredible in movie theatre lobbies. Whether it’s the sheer quantity of lights hitting every possible angle on your nails or the multitude of reflective surfaces, all you need to do is wave your hands and wait because those nails are getting comp-li-ments.

Show Off Your Nails in Everyday Conversations

If unable to find a prime location to show off your nails, take advantage of any interaction by moving to an area with ample lighting and exaggerating every reaction.

Surprised = Cover your hands with your mouth.

Laughing = Lay a hand flat against your chest.

Sad = Wipe those tears s l o w l y.

Hot = Gently fan your face, perhaps even dab lightly across your forehead.

Note: Limit of two of these per conversation or people will think you’re a lunatic. The goal is compliments, not terrifying potential compliment givers.

Which one of these do you think you’ll try first? My topcoat’s dry now, so I’m heading to the grocery store… 🙂

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A little more about your Picture Polish Writer…

Jennie Shaw is a writer, book reviewer, and ardent nail polish enthusiast. She lives in the Canadian countryside with her husband and a pair of senior pups, and spends a shocking amount of time thinking about what to eat for supper.

Check out Jennie’s blog Nails and Tales for her mix of books and nail polish.

Thank you for the fabulous story Jennie.  The Girls xox