Sadly, our Dad has passed away, so we are currently on bereavement leave. Shipping returns on Tuesday 30th April.

Sadly, our Dad has passed away, so we are currently on bereavement leave. Shipping returns on Tuesday 30th April.


Kara’s Curable Review

June 26, 2019 | Curable

Something we love to do at Picture Polish is give fans the opportunity to try our products. As Picture Curable is the best curable lacquer around we wanted to offer the chance to all skills levels. So when we noticed how much Kara @karaniyabauer was excited about curable lacquer we just had to reach out.

Earlier this year we shipped Kara a spaceship and the entire collection of Picture Curable products and now you can all read her thoughts…

As a newer nail polish addict I’ve learned the scene is quite confusing. Just scrolling down Instagram you’ll see terms like polish, lacquer, UV gel, LED gel, chrome, holographic, acrylic and water marbling. Trying to keep up with all the fad, my husband kindly got me a gel polish lamp set for Christmas of 2017. I watched countless YouTube videos on how to prep my nails, apply the polish, and removing it. Its a fairly long, drawn out process that left my nails feeling dry, brittle and flaking.

Frustrated with the gel scene, I turned my back on my LED lamp and expensive polishes in the search of something more user friendly and less damaging to my nails.

One evening I looked to my phone and saw an announcement that, one of my favourite indie polish brands, Picture Polish was releasing a curable lacquer range in the new year. For hours I dove into the internet to try to see what I could find on this new technology. I didn’t see much, as the concept of a curable lacquer is so new! Over the following weeks I kept my eyes peeled for more information. I watched every Instagram Live video about Picture Curable. And I knew I had to get my hands on it! The user friendly application and removal process had me sold!

When my “spaceship” arrived I was slack-jawed in amazement. The crisp, fresh white of the lamp with the sleek, matte black packaging of the lacquers was a sight to behold. I received six (6) colours plus a Glossy Top Coat, Aurora, Flare, Stellar, Powder, Frenchie, and Raven. Compared to most gel bottles, which regular consumers can only get in ‘mini’ sizes, these Picture Curable bottles are a full 10 ml in size.

Application is easy. You just prep your nails like you would for any normal lacquer. Cure for a full cycle between thin coats of polish. This makes it easy to paint your nails and be able to jump back into your busy day!

Aurora reminds me of the northern lights. Depending on how you look at your nails they can appear blue, green, or purple with the holographic aspect creating what looks like stars in the sky.

Flare reminded me of watching a fireplace on a warm, winters evening. The light across your nails shows shades of reds, oranges and green. I feel as if flare is the best universal colour of the holos, it went perfectly with every outfit I paired it with.

Best Curable Lacquer Flare

Stellar is a stunning deep blue with a red shift. The depth of colour achieved reminded me of watching the sunset on Lake Michigan. Pinks and reds dancing across the blue surface of the lake is gorgeous. This is the showstopper of them all!

Raven, Powder, and Frenchie are chic basic staples for an NPA. Perfect for nail art, designs, or wearing alone these are extremely universal! I personally found to spice up your look, use one coat of Raven or Powder topped with a coat of Aurora, Flare or Stellar to create a truly unique look.

When topped with Glossy Top Coat, these lasted over a week on my nails without any chips. I made sure to put them through the wringer, too with countless hand washed dishes, 10 loads of laundry, litter box duty, and grocery trips!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Kara. Cheers The Girls xox