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Our Kind Hearted Mission: Polish With Purpose

June 26, 2024

Nail polish is a simple way to beautify your nails, but it’s also so much more. A fresh set of painted nails can make you feel invincible, powerful, and put together. Glossy or matte, beautiful nails are an instant serotonin boost and a way to connect to others.

The Picture Polish community has continually proved to be as compassionate as they are stylish. With this in mind, Picture Polish created its first fundraising polish in 2020, to support wildlife rehabilitation after devastating bushfires in Australia. The process was unlike anything we’ve tried before—a truly collaborative effort with Picture Polish fans. Voting on the colour, bottle design, and even the name, the community came together to create Recovery nail polish. Your kindness enabled us to give $9,515.00 to multiple wildlife rehabilitative organizations.

After the incredible initial success, you inspired us to officially launch Polish With Purpose. Since 2020, we’ve released three additional fundraising polishes.

Freedom nail polish supported humanitarian efforts in Ukraine, specifically the Gostomel Animal Shelter. The Ukraine flag inspired the crystal-jelly blue colour and sunflower label, and Picture Polish fans collaborated on the final shade. Donated funds topped AU$3,400.00.

The Coral Collection included four colours with reflective glitter, and $1.00 from each bottle went to the Living Coral Biobank. Rising ocean temperatures have caused massive coal bleaching, and The Living Coral Biobank collects and preserves coral for future rehabilitative efforts. Donations AU$900.

North Pole nail polish, created with Basecoat Stories, donated $1.00 from each bottle sold to Oceans North. The blue jelly polish represents the Arctic icy meltwater that increases every year because of rising temperatures. Oceans North is an organization that supports marine conservation in partnership with Indigenous and coastal communities in the Canadian Arctic. To date, AU$377.88 has been raised and donated.

We never imagined being able to support such wonderful organizations through our first love—nail polish. Thanks to this phenomenal community, we’ve raised substantial donations for marine conservation, humanitarian efforts, and the preservation of coral biodiversity.

Recently, we began to think bigger.

The fact is, there will always be a need for charitable fundraisers, and Picture Polish wants to make a more permanent commitment. Individual colours have been successful, but they can be limiting. Some people gravitate towards specific colours, and we wondered if there could be a more consistent aspect to Polish With Purpose.

Instead of creating limited-edition fundraising polishes, we will now donate funds from every bottle of Picture Polish sold. Yes, every single bottle. From holos to cremes, 50 cents from each bottle purchase will go towards an organization that’s incredibly close to our hearts.

If you follow us on Instagram, you’ve likely seen our beautiful fur babies, Lilly the tabby and Harry the ginger. We adopted both from the Animal Welfare League Queensland and also Alice, our beloved cat who’s crossed the rainbow bridge. This remarkable organization rehomes up to 10,000 abandoned stray animals every year! The AWFQ assists seniors with pet ownership, desexing cats and dogs, and rehabilitating animals for rehoming. Their dedication to providing specialized health or behavioural care for any animal with the potential to be adopted has reduced euthanasia rates.

Picture Polish Harry And Lilly

While this is a shift for Polish With Purpose, we couldn’t be prouder to support this organization! Our worldwide community loves animals as much as we do, and it feels like the perfect fit. A donation of 50 cents from the purchase of each bottle can seem trivial, but great things come from small acts. Together, we can create a world of stunning nails while fostering positive change. Feels like a fabulous and fashionable idea to us!