Sadly, our Dad has passed away, so we are currently on bereavement leave. Shipping returns on Tuesday 30th April.

Sadly, our Dad has passed away, so we are currently on bereavement leave. Shipping returns on Tuesday 30th April.


Holo Nails 3 Ways

November 10, 2020 | How To, Curable, Polish

Holographic nail polish is one of Picture Polish’s trademarks. Whether it’s using holographic flakes in Silence, linear holo in Double Decker, or hex glitters in Wizardry, all types of holographic elements produce gorgeous rainbow effects.

Today, we’re highlighting three ways to wear pure holo nails. No base colour, just solid rainbow happiness. Because sometimes it’s important to have some magic on your nails! *happy sigh*

Holo on Top!

For full, pure holographic coverage, Holo on Top! is a must-have polish. As the bottle slogan says, “For rainbow nails put your holo on top!” A silver scatter holographic polish with holo flakes, as the bottle slogan says, “For rainbow nails put your holo on top!”

To apply, paint two coats and let dry in between. Finish with a final glossy topcoat like Looking Glass to accentuate the rainbow shine. For extra bling paint over a black base.

Holographic Nail Powder

Taking the holographic effect to the next level means it’s time to talk about Holographic Nail Powder. With its mirror finish and packed pigments, no matter the angle, nails adorned with holographic powder are rainbow explosions of delight!

For traditional nail polish, apply two thin coats of polish and let dry completely. For the picture polish Holographic Nail Powder, black polish works best. Apply Top’n Base and let dry to the touch but still slightly tacky. Using the tip of your finger or the Picture Polish Clean Up Brush, take a small amount of holographic powder and gently rub it onto the nail. Continue buffing until the mirror effect is smoothed over the nails. Wipe any excess powder with a dry brush or clean finger and finish with a coat of Revolution topcoat. For longer wear up to 3 days, apply a coat of Top’n Base on top of Revolution. (Looking Glass or Fast Dry Top Coat will ruin the mirror finish).

Pro tip: Don’t sneeze while the jar of Holographic Powder is open! 🙂

And don’t forget that Holographic Powder can also be used for only partial nail coverage. Playing around with Holographic tips or half moons, a straight line or other shapes can add an eye-catching addition to any mani. Use the same application method whether covering the entire nail or just a section, and don’t forget to add a water-based topcoat like Revolution!

HOLO! Curable Lacquer

For up to two weeks of wear, Holo Curable Lacquer is an excellent choice. An alternative to gel polish and SNS nails, Picture Polish Curable Lacquer requires a Spaceship in addition to Glossy Top Coat. But since there’s no need for powders or special application techniques, Holo Curable Lacquer is as easy as simply painting your nails.

Prep your nails for PP Curable Lacquer as you would for any manicure by removing old polish or nail products and pushing back cuticles. Shake the bottle of Holo Curable Lacquer and apply a thin coat. Unlike other curable polishes, Picture Polish doesn’t require a specialized base coat, so apply to a clean and dry nail. Cure the polish under the Spaceship for two minutes and then apply a second thin coat. Repeat the curing process for two minutes. Finish with a thin coat of Glossy Top Coat and cure for a final two minutes. No need to wipe afterwards, so you’re ready for the rest of your day!

The best news about Picture Polish Curable Lacquer is the curing and removal process. After the lacquer has cured, it is completely dry, and after five minutes of soaking during removal, the polish comes off completely, avoiding any sort of nail damage. Two weeks of wear and almost instantly dry nails that sparkle and shine in the sun? Amazing!

Holo Curable Lacquer

With three different ways to rock holographic nails, there’s sure to be something for everyone and make sure to tag Picture Polish with your holographic creations!

One final note: Wearing pure holographic polish can become a hypnotizing distraction when the sun hits your nails. So stay safe and stylish, NPAs, and don’t be surprised if your nails turn a few heads during Zoom calls, even if it’s just your own!