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Review | Lucky

April 27, 2020

Lucky Nail Polish Review | Launch Week | April 2020

Another launch week is upon us, so exciting!!!  You can follow all the fun via our Instagram page.

First colour to be revealed was a beautiful nude holographic nail polish named ‘lucky’ so here’s the story…

Lucky was created with Kate @epicnemy from Russia. Kate’s inspiration is the triangle. Which is the symbol of the triune nature of the universe: Heaven, Earth, Human and a symbol of luck. So Kate loves nude nail polish colors too.

Nude Nail Polish Colors

Lucky Nail Polish

Here’s another beautiful comparison by Edina @lakkomlakkom just for you…

Nail Polish Lucky Comparison

For your viewing pleasure here’s some more swatches and thoughts about Lucky…

Lucky is quite a unique color. The shade would look amazing on different skin tones and has that little extra shimmer to brighten up any manicure. Whether used for nail art or a classic manicure, it’s a win win. This polish is perfect after two coats and ready to go! Feeling lucky to have it…. Brenda @byclouser

Lucky Nail Polish Swatch

Lucky is a very surprising shade. The nude base seems to be a little bit reserved at first sight but the rose copper glitter particles add so much life and elegance to it. And you automatically wear this shade with a lot of pride and confidence…. Steffy @die_yps_lackiert

Nude Nail Colors Swatch

Lucky a neutral light beige. It’s laid back and unassuming. Yet it has a little surprise of rose copper glitters that peek and and wink at you… Emiline @nailpolishsociety

Nude Nail Polish Swatch

A unique pale beige-grey, packed with bits of rose copper glitter and a gorgeous shimmer to match. I definitely feel lucky when I have this polish on! Though I applied three coats to reduce streaking and get full opacity, the formula is thin enough that each coat dries quickly… Candace @lesstalkmorepolish

Nude Nail Polish Colors Swatch

Consider me as a boring NPA, but I adore nude nail polish colors, they actually my favourite polishes to wear and this one has a fabulous rose copper glitter to spice it up. Two coats and top coat is a must because of the glitter to even up the surface…. Sophie @sofitheone

Picture Polish Nude Nails

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