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St Petersburg

May 16, 2020 | Polish

St Petersburg Nail Polish Review | Launch Week | April 2020

Fouth colour to be revealed was a beautiful light blue holographic nail polish named ‘st petersburg’ so here’s the story…

St Petersburg was created with Natalia @natashkinskas from Russia. Natalia’s inspiration is her favourite city, St Petersburg. The shade symbolizes the sky of St Petersburg and the waters of the Neva River.

St Petersburg Holographic Nail Polish

Picture Polish St Petersburg Swatch

Here’s another beautiful comparison by Edina @lakkomlakkom just for you…

Nail Polish St Petersburg Comparison

For your viewing pleasure here’s some more swatches and thoughts about Lucky…

St Petersburg gave me the most smooth application! Two coats and my nails were looking fabulous. This polish has that extra shimmer that makes it so unique, the color is in all honesty something that you do not see often… love it! @byclouser

Blue Holo Nails

St. Petersburg: What could i say about this polish except: it is gorgeous. I love that slightly greyish shade of blue, i love the holo, and both combined make an incredibly polish that you all should own…Steffy @die_yps_lackiert

St Petersburg Holographic Nail Polish

St. Petersburg makes my blue-loving heart happy. Or is it grey? It’s a moody, uniquely beautiful shade that straddles both worlds… Emiline @nailpolishsociety

Blue Holographic Nail Polish

What a beautiful dusty blue! This polish is packed with bits of silver flakies and the formula applied like a dream, with a smooth and even finish. I used two coats for perfect application. When it comes to colour, I find this polish to be very versatile and works well for a variety of occasions…… Candace @lesstalkmorepolish

Picture Polish St Petersburg Holo Nails

St. Petersburg is absolutely stunning shade of blue. I never been there but I’m sure this color describes it so well – cold and foggy, yet very beautiful, mystical and alluring. 2 coats, dries fast, what else do we need for the perfect manicure…. Sophie @sofitheone

Light Blue Holograhpic Nail Polish

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