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Review | Castle

May 30, 2020 | Polish

Castle Nail Polish Review | Launch Week | April 2020

Fifth colour to be revealed was a unique sandy, yellow holographic nail polish named ‘castle’ so here’s the story…

Castle was created with Marie @little_zzi from Russia. Marie’s inspiration is summer holidays by the beachside. Lazy days with waves, sand and sun. And of course building sandcastles.

Castle Nail Polish Swatch

Castle Holographic Nail Polish

Here’s another beautiful comparison by Edina @lakkomlakkom just for you…

Nail Polish Castle Comparison

For your viewing pleasure here’s some more swatches and thoughts about Lucky…

Consider myself lucky to have been able to visit the beach in different countries, and Castle definitely took me back to all those places. It truly reminds me to the color of the sand. The color is so reach and the formulas is exceptional! I applied two coats for full opacity…Brenda @byclouser

Nail Polish Castle Swatch

Castle brought back a lot of beloved childhood memories. I immediately thought of all the vacations when i used tospend hours on building sand castles with my mom and my brother. The soft holo reminds me of the glancing sun on top of the sea. I could almost feel the sand tickling between my toes…Steffy @die_yps_lackiert

Holographic Nail Polish Castle

Castle makes me dream of sunny, sandy beaches. But these beaches are full of warm, camel toned sands unlike any I’ve ever visited!… Emiline @nailpolishsociety

Picture Polish Castle Swatch

This stunning sandy beige has gentle holo shimmers and a golden undertone. I loved how well the first coat applied with minimal streaking. Though lighter shades tend to apply on the sheer side, I got full opacity with this one in only two coats!… Candace @lesstalkmorepolish

Picture Polish Castle

The shade really reminds me of a sand castles I used to build on the beach in my hometown when I was a child. I love the shade so much and the idea and tiny sand castle on the bottle. 2 easy coats and you are ready to go… on the beach!… Sophie @sofitheone

Yellow Holographic Nail Polish

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