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Polish Love Through Generations

March 21, 2019

You are reading this because you have a love for nail polish right?

I love nail polish and I know my little girl loves nail polish too. But I didn’t know my mum did.

This is my story about the love of nail polish through the generations…

Out of the blue, my little girl packed a few polishes into my bag before we set off on one of our weekend visits to my Mum. On my little girl’s order, I gladly painted my mum’s nails, giving her a quick hand massage with lightly scented hand cream. It was a lovely pampering session for her, and nanny especially enjoyed the “massage” my little girl gave her. It was pure joy to see the smiles on their faces.

The very next week, my mum showed off her polished nails to all her friends at the elderly club.  A few ladies plus one gentleman showed some interest. My mum asked me to come along to the next meeting at the community elderly club. I picked a few shades, nail files, some essentials and went with her. During the couple of hours, I only managed to paint for two ladies and file one gent’s nails.

But it was a great experience, I quickly realised these awesome 80+ year old ladies are not after the most sought-after nail art designs or colours. They love to talk and they love to share their stories. They enjoy meeting people too.

I am so glad I brought a little smile to their faces for the little time we spent together. Please do not underestimate the power of sharing and time spent with others, whatever their age might be.

Look around, maybe you can reignite an elderly neighbours love of nail polish too!

Ps. The shade my toddler chose for nanny was none other than Picture Polish Embrace (and another neon one in which my mum refused to wear!).


A little more about your Picture Polish Writer…

Cherry is a mum to a gorgeous little girl and for her day job, she works as a Data architect. Cherry love nail polishes and being creative. Naturally, her favourite hobby is nail art! Her comfort zone is definitely stamping, but is hoping to get better at freehand nail art too.

Check out Cherry’s Instagram @iamcherrylemon for her mix of stamping nail art and swatches.

Thanks for your beautiful story Cherry.  The Girls xox