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Strike A Hand Pose Challenge Roundup

October 3, 2022

For the second PP Prompt Challenge, we wanted to feature an area that can be tricky yet overlooked. Whether taking pictures of nail art or swatches, all nail pictures have one element in common. In fact, this element is the very foundation of nail pictures. Of course, we’re talking about hand poses!

NPAs from far and wide can struggle with hand poses. Trendier poses often require sharp camera angles and awkward twisting, while others are simple and classic. To inspire and challenge the PP community, we highlighted seven different poses. Participants were then asked to swatch a single PP colour and explain why they picked the pose and shade. None of you chose The Claw, and honestly, we’re proud. ?

Let’s take a look at the gorgeous nails and hand poses you chose for the Strike a Pose Challenge!

First up is the Side Thumb Pose, which is a fan favourite.

@Jemima.nails absolutely nailed the side thumb pose in her entry. Jemima chose this pose to specifically include her thumb, as other poses often cut it out. This close-up frame also shows off her impeccable manicure. Shorter nails have never looked so bright and cheery! Jemima shared that she wanted to swatch one of her three untried PPs, and we’re happy she did! This bright neon celebrates the last bit of summer in a fun and playful way.

For her entry, @ledyyz also chose the side thumb pose. As you can see, even within each category are different styles and interpretations of the same pose. Creativity knows no bounds in the NPA world! Irina prefers to take pictures holding a bottle, so this challenge pushed her. Pairing this pose with Love nail polish has our eyes turning into hearts! Such a fun summer shade, and it looks fabulous on her squoval-shaped nails.

The entry from @clawsandshadows included not only a stunning mani but a heartfelt caption. Yulia felt it was serendipitous to return after an Instagram break with a post featuring her fave nail polish brand. Yulia’s main pose for the last ten years has been the Side Thumb Pose because it feels natural for her. She also wanted to try a purple shade, as she can sometimes neglect them. Orchid nail polish works well as a summer-to-fall transition colour, as the colour is softer. Make sure to look at her second picture to see the holographic elements in action!

Moving onto the second-most-popular hand pose, the Pinky-up Pose.

Some of you shared personal stories with your entries, and they really resonated with us. Gosia has less time to paint her nails, so challenges can often require too much detail. Lucky for us, @nailcraziness was able to participate and show off how stunning Tulip nail polish can be! The perfect pink to compliment her skin tone, she chose it because it goes with any outfit. Regarding the pose, she rotated the photo to make her fingers and nails look delicate and sleek. We totally agree, Gosia!

Keeping her pinky up is Manu from @ma.ri_nail.polish because it’s her second-favourite kind of pose! While bottle shots claim the top spot for Manu, she loves the pinky-up pose. Not only does this pose show off her nails, but also her hand. And we didn’t expect such a fun fact, but Manu was once a hand model! No surprise there because her nails and hand are beautiful! The softer blue of Swagger pops against the darker background and looks fab on her square nails.

Embracing the change from summer to fall is @clairehuess rocking Autumn nail polish. Claire chose the Pinky-Up Pose because it’s similar to her typical hand pose but also different. We totally understand! Sometimes, even a subtle change can make all the difference. And when it came to choosing which colour to swatch, Claire turned to this vibrant and sparkly burnt orange. She thinks it’s the most gorgeous shade for this time of year, and we wholeheartedly agree!

Getting into the more artistic territory is the Side-Four Pose. This one can be finicky because it’s about getting the right angle. But we knew you’d nail it because the PP community are superstars!

@thesuziem took the Side-Four Pose and crushed it! Sharing some personal struggles, Suzie found this pose to work best for her for several reasons. Due to some skin issues, this pose leaves out her thumb and highlights the polish. This stunning picture shows the light hitting just right to bring out the holo. We can’t stop staring at how incredible Mulberry nail polish looks on Suzi! Fitting for fall, make sure to place it in direct sunlight to witness the stunning depth and rainbows!

For her entry, @rlpolished included a wide variety of hand poses, and each one is incredible! Celebrating summer right up until the end, Peaches N Cream nail polish looks exquisite against her skin tone. Rebecca loves this colour, a rich and creamy shade, because it’s bright and fun! The side-four pose is simple and shows off the colour beautifully, and the neutral background makes the colour pop!

The final two entries we wanted to feature use different poses.

@lackislove’s entry stood out for several reasons. One of the few to choose the Backhand Pose, this picture is chic and dynamic. Trying different hand poses can inspire creativity, and we love how Eri embraced the theme! Her fingers look elongated while the luxe nail polish shimmers and shines. Eri picked Wine nail polish because it’s the first Picture Polish she purchased! The deep red is really eye-catching, and she loves the smooth application. You chose the perfect shade, Eri!

Rounding out this challenge is the Close-Up Four Pose that shows off the luxurious red of Revenge nail polish. @somirso chose this pose because it features four nails without her thumb. Unfortunately for Sophie, her thumb can be fragile and often isn’t in the best shape. Taking care of delicate nails can be frustrating, and using different poses can help your nails look their best online. Choosing a hand pose that makes you feel comfortable means that we get to see your fabulous manis! And that’s what it’s all about, right?

Thank you so much to all of the Strike a Pose Challenge participants! We are marvelled by your entries and can’t wait to see what you come up with next. We hope you’re enjoying the Prompt Challenges and will be back with a new theme soon! Until then, remember to tag us on Instagram with your @picturepolish creations! Especially if you’re trying one of the poses or one of our new reflective polishes!