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The 4 Sides of Reflective Glitter Nail Polish

September 1, 2022 | Polish

Over the last few days, we’ve been blown away by your response to our first Reflective Glitter nail polish collection! Thank you for all of your support! There’s really no other way to describe them. In fact, one must see them in action to understand how dynamic and gorgeous they are. This blog post strives to show off what this collection can do, depending on the lighting.

Also, as if these stunning shades weren’t enough on their own, these beauties include a fundraising component. Picture Polish will give one dollar from every bottle purchased to the Living BioCoral Bank. Learn more about this incredible initiative by here. By combining gorgeous nails and a crucial cause, your manis and pedis contribute to the greater good. And again, we can’t stress enough how these shades are unlike any you’ve seen before. So less talk and more pictures, right? Let’s go!

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We used a skittle mani to demonstrate how our Reflective Glitter and colourful bases can look side-by-side in different lighting. Each shade is beautiful when worn alone or together for a soothing colour pallet. From thumb to pinkie: Staghorn, Brain Coral, Sea Whip, Sea Fan, and Sun Coral.

Indoor with a Flash

Reflective Glitter Nail Polish With Indoor Flash

First up is flash photography. In this lighting, the Reflective Glitter twinkles softly, offering pops of silver against each shade. A hint of metallic finish adds an extra element to the rich base colours. When it comes to capturing how these nail polishes look, it’s good to cover all of the bases. So while it will be more common to see your nails in direct sunlight versus a flash, we wanted to show these polishes’ softer side. From here, it’s only getting brighter!

Indoor Direct Sunlight

Reflective Glitter Nail Polish Indoors

Indoor direct sunlight acts slightly differently than outdoors. Light is filtered through windows, narrowing the scope and allowing the undertones’ richness to come through. The multitude of hidden hues within each colour reveal themselves, much like the ocean waters that inspired them. The Reflective Glitter adds vibrancy and depth in tandem with the dynamic base colours. Delightfully distracting, don’t you think?

Outdoor Direct Sunlight

Reflective Glitter Nail Polish Outdoors

Grab your sunnies because you may need them to evaluate the following picture properly. Taken in direct outdoor sunlight, the sparkle is real in these Reflective Glitter polishes! This formula is so packed with glitter that once they find sunshine, they’re borderline blinding. There are still hints of a metallic finish in the base colours, and thanks to the sun’s brightness, the silver Reflective Glitter almost acts like a holographic. No doubt this is an absolutely showstopping collection in the sun!

Bright Artificial Light

Okay, so you’ve seen each colour in direct outdoor sunlight, indoor direct sunlight, and with an LED light. Now, it’s time to really show what this glitter can do. For this section, we’re moving from a skittle mani to swatches from @pamperedpolishes because, wow. Bright artificial light truly brings out the real razzle dazzle! The base colours darken even more to let the Reflective Glitter shine at such ridiculous brightness levels, they’re immediately hypnotizing.

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Staghorn Reflective Glitter Nail Polish

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Brain Coral Reflective Glitter Nail Polish

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Sea Fan Reflective Glitter Nail Polish

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Sun Cora Reflective Glitter Nail Polish

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Sea Whip Reflective Glitter Nail Polish

If, at this point, you take a break from reading to add these to your cart, we totally get it. Because honestly? Us, too. We can’t get over the sparkle!

Removal Tips

One last note about our new Reflective Glitter polishes. As previously mentioned and confirmed by every photo in this post, they’re packed with glitter. It’s a well-known fact in the NPA community that glitter can be a pain to remove and also quite messy. To make this process easier, we recommend starting with a coat of Peel Off Glitter Base. This phenomenal product works as a base for your manicure and allows for simpler removal. Plus, it’s pretty fun.

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Removing Reflective Glitter Nail Polish With Peel Off Base Coat

With the corner of a wooden cuticle stick, start at either your cuticle line or the tip of your nail and gently push upwards. Before long, the Peel-Off Basecoat will begin separating from your nail plate. Keep pushing until the nail plate is as clean as possible. Or, if you’re craving some excitement, peel the basecoat off slowly and try to get it off in one shot! A challenging feat and oh-so-satisfying. Clean up any remaining straggling polish with a bit of That Remover, and you’re ready for your next mani. And with these five new Reflective Glitter polishes, it’ll make trying them out a snap.

So there you have it: The 4 Sides of Reflective Glitter. It’s almost like having four polishes in each bottle! Sure to capture the attention of just about anybody, this collection feels exciting and fresh. Which colour is your favourite? Let us know, and remember to tag us in your pictures! Especially if you manage to peel off an entire nail in one piece.