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In This Review, NPAs Give You the Scoop on Metallic Flakies

December 3, 2022

Metallic Flakie Nail Polish Reviewed by NPAs From Australia

First up, Soph from The Polish Blog and it’s her first time trying Picture Polish. Here’s her thoughts about our polish:

The bottle itself is a perfect shape for storing in helmer drawers or on a shelving system. And the cap!!! I love it!!! It’s so comfortable to hold and is super cute since it’s a tiny bit smaller than most other nail polish caps. The bottles also have a wide paddle brush (an absolute favourite amongst nail polish lovers) so application is smooth and effortless.

The formula is very quick drying and the colours are practically opaque by the first coat. I would recommend two coats anyway for a few reasons. Using two coats always makes your manicure look more juicy and polished, as well as making it more long lasting. And also because the second coat darkens up the shade and brings it to its true colour. Because this metallic formula is full of small flakies, it will dry textured. But I found that it was barely noticeable and the slightly textured finish was actually really beautiful! I would recommend a top coat to smooth it out and make the finish more plump though.

Morgana Nail Polish

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Soph from The Polish Blog: This polish has the most beautiful contrast between the dark, almost black, base colour and the vibrant rich plum appearance of the flakies. From what I can see, all the flakies in this collection are silver, but in this polish, the base changes the colour of the flakies in such a magical way. Very fitting for the theme of this collection! You can’t go wrong with red shades, and this one is such a beautiful vampy burgundy, perfect for those who love darker glam polishes. Another totally stunning shade.

The Polish Blog Morganan

Marisha from @mrsandosnails: Morgana is a burgundy polish with hints of purple and medium red in different lighting, thanks to the beautiful flakies. This polish applies beautifully, it could almost be a one coat polish. Photos taken in morning shade, afternoon shade, afternoon sun and under fluro lighting.

Mrsandosnails Morgana

Joanne from @catsnlacquer: This polish has a translucent base with silver flakies. The flakies lay flat and smooth, and they’re easy to remove although you may be left with sparkles on your skin. They easily wash off though.

Catsnlacquer Morgana

Gemma from @gem.nailart: Morgana is a stunning burgundy metallic flake formula that is opaque in just 2 coats. This formula is so smooth despite being filled with metallic flake and the colour is just divine.

Gem.nailart Morgana

Guinevere Nail Polish

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Soph from The Polish Blog: This polish is equally as stunning as the rest of the collection, it’s such a juicy cherry red! It’s also super festive and would be the perfect Christmas shade. It’s got the same metallic base as the other shades, except it’s a little bit more jelly-based than the other shades. It’s also full of silver flakies. It’s an extremely flattering red and again it just glows in the sunlight. It’s one of those polishes that will distract you all day when it’s on your nails!

Thepolishblog Guinevere

Joanne from @catsnlacquer: This polish is made up of a translucent base with silver flakies. The flakies applied smoothly and evenly and were easy to remove. I was naughty and wore this for more than a day without base coat, and I didn’t experience any staining.

Catsnlacquer Guinevere

Victoria from @onemorecoat: It’s an absolutely stunning deep red jelly base filled with silver flakes. Here I am wearing 2 coats with one coat of top coat. Like the other shade from this collection, it applied like a total dream, with no fussing with the flakes or lumpiness!

Onemorecoat Guinevere

Camelot Nail Polish

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Soph from The Polish Blog: This polish is probably the most vibrant from the entire collection, despite how deep-toned it is! It just glows. This is a rich blue-purple metallic full of silver flakies. It’s such an inky blurple that makes me think of deep in the ocean or far away in the night sky. I think this is another standout for me, although it’s really hard to choose favourites from this collection. They all stole my heart!

Thepolishblog Camelot

Shannie from @shanni.anni: This beautiful indigo metallic flake polish applied so smoothly and was practically a one coater. I did a second coat for this swatch to neaten the edges however, it wasn’t needed for full coverage.

Shannieanni Camelot

Lizzie from @lizziedizzy: This polish is a delightful blurple with silver flakies sprinkled throughout. This is a part of the Metallic Flakie bundle. I adore all the polish names in this bundle, if you like King Arthur I’m sure you will too ? For Camelot I’m wearing two thin coats. If you’re a fan of deep and moody colours, then you’ll love this shade.

Lizziedizze Camelot

Merlin Nail Polish

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Soph from The Polish Blog: This polish was the favourite amongst my family once they saw my swatch pictures, and for good reason! It’s a deep, mysterious and magical velvet blue. It is definitely a “wizard” kind of polish, and reminds me of a velvet cloak that Merlin might have worn. This polish was originally going to be called “Galaxy”, which I think also describes it perfectly, because it reminds me a lot of a beautiful Milky Way or Van Gogh’s Starry Night. I felt equally sophisticated and like a Hogwarts student when wearing this!

Blue Metallic Flakie Polish

Victoria from @onemorecoat: This is Merlin – a super dark blue based polish packed full of silver flakies. This is 2 coats with a single coat of top coat, although you could get away with one. Like all Picture Polish polishes, the formula is spot on and they gone on so smooth!

Shannie from @shanni.anni: This magical dark blue metallic flake polish applies so smoothly and was also a one coater. I did 2 coats for this swatch. The sliver flakes give it so much depth. Think this shades my favourite. It’s like wearing sapphires.

Lizzie from @lizziedizzy: This polish is certainly looks dark under unnatural or studio lights as you can see in my swatches but it is much brighter in natural light. From both polishes I’ve received in this collection, my mind has been blown with its opacity! It really could be a one coater depending on your application but here I am wearing two thin coats to get that nice layering effect you get with jelly based polishes.

Gemma from @gem.nailart: This is Merlin, it’s a gorgeous blue/black metallic flake formula that is opaque in 2 coats. This one is definitely my favourite from the collection. I absolutely adore this entire collection, I ended up purchasing the other 3 colours I love it so much. The Arthurian theme is probably a much bigger selling point for me, it’s just a bonus that the colours and formula are stunning.

Excalibur Nail Polish

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Soph from The Polish Blog: This shade was a total dark horse for me, I wasn’t expecting it to be one of my favourites since silvers are usually hit or miss on my nails. It was the first polish I swatched and when I tell you I gasped… it caught me totally by surprise! It’s full of silver metallic flakies and silver holographic goodness, words really cannot describe the magic that is this polish. It’s also extremely metallic and bright, almost foiled looking. Safe to say, it’s one of (if not my top) favourite from the collection! This polish is truly like an Arthurian sword in a nail polish bottle.

Silver Metallic Flakie Polish

Marisha from @mrsandosnails: With a silver holographic base and silver flakies, Excalibur nail polish is like a magical sword in a bottle. This polish applies beautifully. It so stunning in person but my camera had a hard time capturing its beauty.

So there you have it: we hope you enjoyed the reivews by Australian NPAs. We loved reading what each one had to say about our metallic flakie nail polish collection; so sending a huge THANK YOU to you all. Which colour is your favourite? Let us know, and remember to tag us in your pictures!

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