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Pink Nails

Keep your manicure pretty and playful with pink nails. Pink symbolises femininity and romance. From barbie to baby to hot and neon, pink is a versatile colour to wear all year round! Whether wearing a solid nail polish or adding nail art details, pinks nails are always appropriate. So what is the best pink nail polish? To help you decide which shade of pink nails to rock, we’ve divided them into four seasons. Read 'Pink By Season' here! Then create a gorgeous look for your nails with pink nail polish colours from Picture Polish,


A collection of common questions that tend to be asked over and over.

Why is pink nail polish so popular?

As a classic colour, pink nail polish is popular for many reasons. Beautiful as a solid colour or incorporated in detailed nail art, it’s also a staple for French manicures. So what is the best pink nail polish? Well, we think it’s whichever one you want to wear. And with the variety of Picture Polish pink nail polishes, you’re sure to find the perfect one for you.

What are the best light pink polishes?

Picture Polish has many pink nail polishes in a range of shades. From soft to vibrant, glittery and holographic, there are no limits for pink polish. Ballet, for instance, is a creamy pale pink and perfect for spring. If you’d prefer a brighter shade of pink nail polish, Candy looks fabulous on fingers and toes. So when it comes to choosing the best light pink polish, the options are endless.

Is sheer pink nail polish better than opaque pink nail polish?

For a long time, opaque nail polish formulas have been the most common. After applying 2-3 coats of opaque polish, the natural nail is no longer visible. But sheer nail polish offers a fashionable and modern way to wear nail paint.

Translucent coverage allows for elements of the natural nail, like half-moons or tips, to remain visible. Glossy and shiny, sheer pink nail polish is perfect for those who prefer a subtle look. To find the best sheer pink nail polish, try ones with different undertones to compliment your skin. Cooler pinks have undertones of blue or green, while warmer undertones include peach and yellow.

Can pink nail polish be holographic?

Of course! Holographic nail polishes are available in a variety of colours, including pink. Holographic nail polish includes pigment that transforms into rainbows in direct sunlight. In order to help find the best holo pink nail polish for you, Picture Polish has many options. The range includes linear holographic pink nail polish like Support, which produces a bold, full-nail holographic flare. On the other hand, holographic flakes like those found in Allure create pops of rainbow sparkle. Some polishes feature linear holographic polish in addition to holo flakes, which are exceptionally dazzling in direct sunlight.

What is the brightest neon pink nail polish?

Neon nail polishes are vibrant and cheery, and when it comes to neon pink nail polish, the brighter, the better! Whether a lighter pink or a darker shade, neon polishes are a fun addition to your collection. Most neon polishes, regardless of their colour, require a topcoat to achieve a glossy finish. Searching for the best neon pink nail polish has never been easier, thanks to the Picture Polish webstore. Just click on “Neon” under the “Formulation” tab to find the perfect one for you.

Can you wear pink nail polish all year round?

It is absolutely possible to wear pink nail polish all year round. Pastels and lighter pinks are fabulous for the summer months. Medium shades of pink serve as a transition from summer to fall. For winter, the best dark pink polishes include lush and rich hues. And no matter the season, holographic polishes come to life in direct sunlight. For a more inclusive breakdown of seasonal pink nail polish, please visit our Blog.

What does pink nail polish mean?

Personality quizzes often match up specific colours to personality traits. While each quiz is different, pink is often associated with femininity and romance. People with lots of confidence and dramatic flare can gravitate towards brighter and neon pink polish. Pale pink nail polish conveys a subdued appearance for those who shy away from the spotlight. Lighter shades of pink are timeless and also office-appropriate for ambitious go-getters. And if you gravitate towards deeper and muted pink nails, it means you have a chic and timeless style.