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Review | Rose

Rose Nail Polish Review by Guest Blogger | Something Can Go Wrong

Rose is a very beautiful cerise pink polish with typical Picture Polish scattered holo flecks.

It’s a collaboration shade with @Cottonconey.

What is amazing in this polish?  It’s rich formula! I love it.

I only needed two thin coats to get a full coverage but if you have short nails, you only need one coat.

Rose Nail Polish Review Swatch

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A little more about your Picture Polish Reviewer:

Heidi is a Blogger from Finland.  At the beginning of 2012, the inhabitant of Northern Finland was ravaged by nails. My natural nails, colorful nail polish and new decorations – they belong to my nails!

Check out Heidi’s blog  Something Can Go Wrong for all her reviews.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Heidi.  The Girls xox