Sadly, our Dad has passed away, so we are currently on bereavement leave. Shipping returns on Tuesday 30th April.

Sadly, our Dad has passed away, so we are currently on bereavement leave. Shipping returns on Tuesday 30th April.


Nail File Benefits

September 9, 2020 | How To

Born This Way

A glass nail file, also known as crystal files, are made from thermal-tempered and chemically etched pieces of Czech glass. They feature a fine-grained abrasive surface that is sturdy and smooth. Due to the durable nature, glass nail files do not wear down.

(Not) Walking On Broken Glass

If you accidentally drop a glass nail file, there’s no need to worry about splinters of glass! Thanks to the thermal temper, they can break but will not shatter. Our glass file comes with a sophisticated wood grain patterned sleeve for storage, so if you do happen to drop them, the case will protect the file.

Working 9 to 5

Everyone can use glass files. Use in any direction with no risk of tearing or shredding the edge of your nails. The glass gently buffs the edge of your nails while maintaining a sealed edge. As such, thin and fragile nails will benefit significantly from glass files. Glass nail files can even encourage stronger nails because the keratin edge remains intact, in addition to helping your manicure last longer. They also eliminate any roughness underneath your nail that needs removing after filing, which can be a common issue when using metal or emery boards.

Simply The Best

There’s nothing better than a glass nail file in terms of hygiene and environmental concerns. To keep your glass file clean, wash with soap and warm water, then let it air dry. Washing (yikes) an emery board will result in peeling edges, but there’s no chance of that happening to a glass file because of its construction. Since glass files can last years with proper maintenance, they eliminate the need for single-use emery boards. Just make sure to keep your glass file in its case, and you will be able to use it again and again!

You Got A Friend In Me

The Picture Polish manicure stick is the glass nail file’s best friend forever. This dynamic duo not only leaves the edges of your nails smooth and even, but the manicure stick cares for your cuticles. The manicure stick is also made of high-quality Czech glass. This two-sided stick has a rounded abrasive tip for cleaning the underside of your nails and a beveled end to push back cuticles from your nail bed.

Manicure Stick

Where Have You Been

Portable and sleek, there are many familiar places glass nail files can hang out. Nestled into the pockets of a purse, in the cup holder of a car, tucked away in an office desk drawer, and is there anything more delightful than finding a nail file shoved in between couch cushions after being lost for days? So no matter where you take it you will always be able to smooth out a rough nail whenever you need to.

Nail File