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Here’s How Two Sisters Started a Nail Polish Brand

December 7, 2017

Big things often happen from small beginnings.

Picture Polish started the way that many successful things do, with a curiosity, a question, what if…  And a whole lot of passion and humor.

The brains behind the brand are sisters, Meg and Jules.  Who kind of accidentally but rapidly grew their family to a global sisterhood.

With business smarts and some experience in the nail polish industry.  The girls had a bonus on their side. They were online savvy and could sense a change occurring in what people wanted.  Also how they wanted to receive it.

Posing the question if girls would buy nail polish online instead of the traditional bricks and mortar method allowed them also to consider how they would do things differently.

They didn’t want to just create a product.  The girls had a strong desire to create a movement in the nail polish industry.  That allowed people to express themselves and feel heard.  They also wanted to create a different and more fun and personable way to go shopping for nail polish.

Their vision was that every little bottle had the power to connect emotionally in one way or another with the people who bought it… to make their day a little brighter.

Because, at the heart of their business was the notion of this original sisterhood, about creativity, togetherness, sharing, laughter, adventure and fun.

The challenge was how could the girls create this movement alone?  The answer?  They couldn’t.  They had to find the people that loved their vision as much as they did.

After months of exploration they became fascinated in the online, almost cult like world of nail polish, showcasing the most incredible and talented nail bloggers, nail artists and fell in love not just with them but with their dedicated fans.

The penny dropped, these people had to form part of the sisterhood!

What started with 6 Collaboration Shades has now grown to over 100 collaborations and an Instagram following of ½ million sisters and brothers!

To connect, share create, and colour are not just words to Jules,  its how their business breathes and evolves. And it’s a whole lot of fun.

‘One of the biggest things I have learned’ says Jules…  is that sometimes the smallest things can have the biggest impact on someone’s day.   These little bottles of love and light are having more of an impact than we ever dreamed.’