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Review | Cheri

Cheri Nail Polish Review | Launch Week | November 2019

Third colour to be revealed was a gorgeous cerise linear holographic nail polish named ‘cheri’ so here’s the story…

Cheri was created with Helene HeleneB from France. Helene was inspired by an intense and delightful summer fruit. A vampy style yet never dull. One of the dearest projects I have had the chance to work on. It’s the Cherry on Top of everything.

Cheri Nail Polish Review Swatch

Holographic Nail Polish Cheri

Here’s another beautiful comparison by Edina @lakkomlakkom just for you…

Nail Polish Cheri Comparison

For your viewing pleasure here’s some more swatches and thoughts about Cheri…

Chéri is a yummy, vampy and elegant shade that applies like a dream… and “Chéri on the cake” it shines like a mouthwatering holo fruit… Laetitia @ilaeti

Nail Polish Cheri Swatch

This lovely shade is reminiscent of dark sweet cherries; deliciously deep red with a touch of purple. Cheri is full of sparkling holo, and is such a pleasure to wear… Bee @icecreamglossy_alltheglossy

Picture Polish Cheri Swatch

Cheri is that type of classy merlot that is deep and indulgent. It’s just so rich and flattering… Trish @thepolishedmage

Picture Polish Cheri Holographic

Cheri is a beautiful plum jelly with Intense holo glitters. The glitters are so obvious even without direct sunlight. It applies so easily and is opaque in two coats for me… Jemima @jemima.nails

Cheri Holo Nail Polish

Cheri is my kind of shade! Such an elegant polish that is perfect for this time of year… Aanchal @aanchysnails

Cheri Holographic Nail Polish

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