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Review | Deep

November 26, 2019 | Polish

Deep Nail Polish Review | Launch Week | November 2019

Second colour to be revealed was a stunning purple/blue linear holographic nail polish named ‘deep’ so here’s the story…

Deep was created with Kate @Katenor from Russia. Kate was inspired by the darkness within a million lights. Everyone drowns in their own deep. The octopus was hand drawn by Kate and included as part of the colour concept.

Deep Nail Polish Swatch

Here’s another beautiful comparison by Edina @lakkomlakkom just for you…

Nail Polish Deep Comparison

For your viewing pleasure here’s some more Deep Nail Polish review thoughts and swatches:

A beauty that’s true to its name – a deep, inky purple that draws you into its glimmering holo depths. An absolutely captivating shade… Bee @icecreamglossy_alltheglossy

It’s gorgeous. it’s mystical. It’s royal. I like that the perfect cold purple-blue Polish doesn’t need a glossy top coat. It shines by itself and sparkles like a billion stars… Julie @nailcissa

Deep is the type of color that reminds you to never judge a polish from the bottle. It appears dark but on application pops like crazy. It has such a rich feel to it and makes me think of a rich sparkling grape…… Trish @thepolishedmage

Deep is a dark blue jelly with purple undertones, loaded with holo glitter. Not normally flattering for my yellow skin tone such as mine, but the fact that it is so deep makes it look amazing… Jemima @jemima.nails

Deep is a cool toned shade that has the perfect amount of depth. It’s a beautiful blend of purple and blue. 2 coats is all you need to achieve the perfect finish… Aanchal @aanchysnails

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