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Sadly, our Dad has passed away, so we are currently on bereavement leave. Shipping returns on Tuesday 30th April.


What Nail Polish Colors Go With Your Enneagram Type

February 17, 2022 | Polish, Community

You’ve taken the test now find your perfect Enneagram Nail Color. As one of the latest personality tests to storm social media, Enneagram memes are everywhere. Well, we wanted to put a twist on the test by adding nail polish colour recommendations! By now, you’ve likely taken the quiz and found your Enneagram Type, but if not, there are several available online. Once you’ve reached into the depths of yourself to find your Type, scroll down to see your nail polish suggestions!

Enneagram Type One: The Reformer

Driven by the need to have principles and integrity, Enneagram Ones strive to be the best they can be. They are advocates for change with a strong sense of right and wrong. Ones can be highly critical of themselves, which can make them perfectionists.

Since the world is black and white, why not reflect that in your mani? Bright White is crisp and classic polish, while Darcy adds a hint of holo to standard black. Maybe even wear both at the same time for a little bit of whimsy. And remember to use The Clean Up Brush for crisp cuticle lines to satisfy your quest for perfection.

Swatched by NPA: @deathinjune_nails

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Enneagram Reformer Nail Color

Enneagram Type Two – The Helper

Above all else, Enneagram Twos want to be needed and appreciated. Often warm and compassionate, Twos emphasize kindness and generosity. They have no problem embracing emotions and following their hearts, and Twos are focused on making connections with others.

As the caregivers of the Enneagram Types, Twos can need help remembering to care for themselves as well. When there’s time for a mani or pedi, try softer pinks like Blossom and Grace. Or reach for Wisteria when you’re craving brighter colours. And to add a bit of self-care into your daily routine, use CoCo Potion for conditioned cuticles.

Swatched by NPA:

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Helper Nail Color

Enneagram Type Three – The Achiever

If you’re ambitious, driven, and hard-working, you’re likely an Enneagram Type Three. With a Type Three at the helm, any project is already on its way to completion. Thanks to their goal-orientated, diplomatic, and highly adaptable natures, one could also call Threes the “chameleons” of Enneagram Types.

In that vein, multi-chrome polishes are a fantastic choice for Enneagram Threes. Just think how fabulous your nails will look in Beetle’s gold, green, and red colours shift as they flutter across a keyboard. Or rock the aptly named Chameleon for a cooler spectrum of blues and purples. And since Three’s tend to compare themselves to others, having the best nails in the room will surely appeal.

Swatched by NPA: @helene_____b

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Achiever Nail Color

Enneagram Type Four – The Individualist

Bursting with creativity and the need to express themselves, Enneagram Four’s want to find their true purpose in the world. Sensitive and self-aware, they desire deep connections with others. Fours also search for inspiration and symbolism to find their authentic true selves, a lifelong journey.

Nail art is an excellent fit for Type Fours, so get on it if you don’t already have a set of PP brushes! This set turns your nails into tiny canvases where the only limits are your imagination. Plus, because the design will be of-a-kind, they’ll be a true reflection of your personality. Or if freehand isn’t your thing, try MoYou stamping plates! Available in a broad range of designs, stamping lets you express yourself with nails that are totally you.

Nail Art by NPA:

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Enneagram Individualist Nail Color

Enneagram Type Five – The Investigator

Type Fives are seekers of knowledge. Perceptive and curious, Fives are adept at examining complex ideas and skills. Seekers of quiet refuge, Enneagram Fives enjoy spending time by themselves. Rarely bored in their own company, Fives love learning about new topics and often have multiple hobbies.

Happy to try new things in the safety of your private spaces, the options of nail colours for Fives are virtually endless. Calmer colours like Bluebird can be a great option, or you can choose something wild! Nobody has to see your nails unless you let them, so don’t be afraid to try an unexpected shade. And if you don’t fall in love, a little bit of That Remover works like a charm. Then you’ll be ready for your next nail colour in no time.

Swatched by NPA:

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Investigator Nail Color

Enneagram Type Six – The Loyalist

For Enneagram Sixes, safety and security are vital touchstones. Cautious when making decisions, Sixes do their best to avoid tense situations. Sixes also excel at questioning their surroundings and finding what others can miss. Courageous and loyal, Sixes are excellent trouble-shooters.

If there’s an upcoming event, Enneagram Sixes should consider Picture Curable. The formula is similar to a gel but wholly unique. Easy to apply and longer-lasting than traditional polish, Sixes will be ready for anything that should arise.! And when it’s time to freshen up your nails, Picture Curable removes in a couple of minutes. One thing’s for sure, being prepared has never looked so good!

Nail Art by NPA: @polish_star

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Loyalitst Nail Color

Enneagram Type Seven – The Enthusiast

Well, hello there, go-getter! Type Sevens are optimistic, risk-takers, and the life of the party. They see life as an adventure and can’t wait to start exploring. Sevens can see the big picture, make quick decisions, and love trying new things.

Holographic polishes are a terrific choice for a busy Type Seven who can get bored! Picture Polish has many holographic polishes in an entire spectrum of shades, so go wild! Or you could try Holo On Top, which can be worn alone for maximum sparkle, or as a topper to any colour of your choice. Either way, your nails will be almost as fun as you are!

Swatched by NPA: @hvastogrammm

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Enthusiast Nail Color

Enneagram Type Eight – The Challenger

When an important task requires a keen mind, it’s time to call in the Enneagram Eights. Assertive and confident, Eights are comfortable being in charge. Ferociously protective of those they love, Eights trust their instincts to make quick decisions. And around those they hold dear, Eights show their true, loving selves.

Bold shades of polish like Rouge, a creme red polish, will help Type Eight’s command attention. Or you can rock a Velvet mani to embrace your softer side. Remember to apply Looking Glass topcoat as the quick-drying and finishing touch. Because there are kingdoms to rule and time is of the essence!

Swatched by NPA: @nilnails

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Challenger Nail Color

Enneagram Type Nine – The Peacemaker

Focused on maintaining harmony within their community, Enneagram Type Nine’s are happy to compromise. This desire for peace means that Nines are the most patient Enneagram Type by far. And when a Nine’s energy is up and humming, their positivity can bring smiles to every face in the room.

Mellow earth tones suit Type Nines, including deep yellows and greens, in addition to any shade on the softer side. For the former, take a look at Korma and Camo. For pastels, try Lilas, a soft pinky-purple accented with small black glitter. Or for a complimentary style with some pep, the cheery coral of Hibiscus is a balanced match. Wear both at once or each on their own!

Swatched by NPA: @gecagirl

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Peacemaker Nail Color

So what do you think, Enneagram fans? Are these recommendations inspiring you? We sure hope so! And if you try any of these recommendations, please tag @picturepolish on social media! We love seeing your stunning manis!