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Review | Korma

July 28, 2019

Korma Nail Polish Review by Guest Blogger | NnailtasticC

I’m not a big fan of yellows, but since it has this dusty mustard tone in it, it transforms into my favourite yellow creme nail polish of all times.

It is a bit tricky to apply, since it dries very fast, so I went for one thin coat and a second thicker one. But since most of yellows are tricky to handle, I think it’s OK. It also needs a top coat.

In combination with Avocado or on its own, it is amazing and it certainly won’t stay on the shelf waiting for autumn.

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A little more about your Picture Polish Reviewer:

Kira is a Blogger from Estonia.

Check out Kira’s blog NnailtasticC for all her reviews.  Kira is a biotechnologist/mom of 2 kids/nail blogger. For the past 3 years my main hobby is painting nails and creating nail designs and sharing them with you, of course. The latest addition to the long list of my hobbies is painting. Literally can’t stop doing that. What I like about Picture Polish is the “always stay positive” attitude and the love towards the fan community and, of course, the stories behind the polishes.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Kira.  The Girls xox