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Nail Complexion | Brown

Nail Complexion Brown Toned | features Kako Nail Polish

Meet Kiz aka @onehundredbrushes who will be sharing her thoughts on which Picture Polish colours suit her ’nail complexion’ in a series of short stories written just for you.

In Kiz’s words…

I consider myself pretty fearless when it comes to nail color. It’s one of the things I love most about being a nail polish swatcher!

To assist/enable those with a similar skin tone or undertone to mine decide whether or not a polish would be a good fit for them.

For me, there isn’t a color I wouldn’t wear, whether it be traditionally suitable to my skin tone or not.

That being said, having brown skin with a warm under tone, there are shades that are more flattering on my nails than others. A shimmery lavender will not look as sexy as a red creme on me.

A few of my go-to easy to wear colors are warm reds: (Christine Nail Polish, Wine) rich purples: (Royal Nail Polish, Fantasy) bright blues: (Wizardry Nail Polish, Blue) and of course black! With cooler tones, my skin tends to look duller than usual.

Despite this, I let my love for the polish take precedence by pairing it with other shades or wearing it as an accent.

When working with Jules on Kako, I hoped that It would be able to fit both warm and cool undertones and be a workable canvas for art.

Kako Nail Art

Thanks for sharing Kiz it’s fabulous to learn which colours suit you.  Cheers The Girls xox

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