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Nail Complexion | Yellow

Nail Complexion Yellow Toned | features Mossy Nail Polish

Meet Alice aka who will be sharing her thoughts on which Picture Polish colours suit her ’nail complexion’ in a series of short stories written just for you.

In Alice’s words…

As I am of East Asian descent, my warm, yellow-based skintone means I have to carefully consider many polish colors.

I adore elegant-yet-edgy dark shades like Mossy, Cabaret, and Forest. These shades all have warm undertones, which is important in my darker polish to avoid fluorescent yellow-looking skin.

Mossy Nail Art

Lighter colors can be more difficult, but Sisters Nail Polish and Cactus have entered regular usage with their gentle, undersaturated coloring.

And I could never forget my first Picture Polish love: Embrace Nail Polish. Pale pinks are popularly considered nudes, but they look cartoonish on me, particularly those that are white-based.

Finding Embrace was a revelation: so dusty and soft and sweet, it may just be the one and only truly universal shade.

Picture Polish’s wide collection absolutely includes shades for every skin tone. These are the particular ones that work best for me.


Thanks for sharing Alice it’s amazing to learn which colours suit you.  Cheers The Girls xox

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