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Review | Curable

Review Picture Curable | New Colours | November 2019

An alternative for gel polish users. DIY at home with Picture Curable. Sending a huge thank you to Laura @laublm for reviewing PC.

The product: For all those who have already tried the gels you know that its consistency is a little denser than regular nail polishes, therefore its application in nail is totally different. With PC I have felt the same feeling that if I was applying a regular nail polish, it slides perfectly through my nail and I don’t have the feeling of shrinking in the product, the finish is perfect and its coverage is perfect in this jelly. The finish is very bright although in my prize I have chosen the {Glossy} TC to ensure greater brightness, greater durability of the product and because I’ll also try it on PP shades.

The process: A wonder. I had a lot of problems with gels because, in addition to drying my already dry nail, they don’t cure perfectly in the lamp leaving softer areas and don’t adhere to my nail completely, rising from it as if a sticker were. In addition to painting the free edge of the nail, what is painted below never cure. I can say it’s perfectly cures every millimeter of my curved nail, the lamp lights reach all places of the painted nail, above, down, lateral… and the curing is so good that I have even tried to use them in three coats! My nail doesn’t feel thick, there are no sticks, it’s completely attached to the nail and I don’t feel an excess of product at all.

Durability: Although I haven’t been anything more than 8 days with PC Claret (I have removed it because I needed to file my nails and change the color) I have to say that I was intact passing several fire tests such as cleaning, moving, shopping, work… I didn’t skip the paint a bit on the free edge of the nail (it helps to paint it well and below so that it doesn’t jump over here) which makes PC a great option for when you want to completely occupy your manicure for a while.

Elimination: As is and as easy as described, two minutes in acetone and almost everything falls, clean the remains with a cotton impregnated in acetone without any effort in it, moisturizes well and ready for a new mani!

State of the nails after using PC: My biggest fear was that the gel would dry my nails that are already quite dry, since my experience was that. After its illumination the nail hasn’t had dry even after having spent two minutes in pure acetone. It’s the same (identical) feeling as when you remove a regular nail polish.

Experience: My personal opinion has been better than fabulous, I recommend the product to all those who love the gel and those who don’t love it too, since with PC they find the same (in my opinion improved) characteristics that the gel offers you effortlessly when painting your nails, without damage when removing it, with great quality and formula in the product and with a fast and effective application process of great durability.

Picture Curable Claret

Picture Curable Revamp

Thank you for sharing your thoughts Laura, we’re so glad to hear you love Picture Curable.  Cheers The Girls xox

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