Sadly, our Dad has passed away, so we are currently on bereavement leave. Shipping returns on Tuesday 30th April.

Sadly, our Dad has passed away, so we are currently on bereavement leave. Shipping returns on Tuesday 30th April.


Holographic Nails

September 26, 2019 | Community

What?! You don’t know what is holographic nail polish? Are you serious…? Oh, you think it’s probably ‘much the same as glitter nail polish’… Oh dear. You’re not a nuggle are you? A non naily person…Well, no need to worry. We can fix that quite easily…

Well, first the essentials and let’s be very clear. Glitter and holographic polish are NOT the same thing. Glitter nail polish reflects light and of course that’s super pretty and sparkly and makes you go oooh, but holographic nail polish not only makes you go oooh, but also aaahhh, as it contains a special effect pigment that doesn’t just reflect that light but does something a bit clever and fancy with it (and if they had taught me this in science class I might have paid a bit more attention and be Grand Chief Scientist of All Things Holographic by now…). Anyway, holo pigment actually refracts the light, fracturing the beam into gorgeous rainbows on the nails! Isn’t that cool? Why wear one colour when you can basically wear them all at once?

There are many types of holo pigment: linear pigment creates a uniform linear rainbow; scattered pigment has multiple sizes of holo particles creating a scattered dancing rainbow effect; and glitter holo combines the holo rainbow and sparkly textured glitter for a double whammy holo sparkle effect on the nails! My personal fave! Subtle is not really my middle name I guess….There is also magical holographic nail powder which you can apply over polish to create a flawless uber rainbowy mirror shine! Ahhh, so much holo in the world but so few fingers!

However, you should be aware that holo pigment can be a tad pernickety. It doesn’t play nicely with just any beam of light. Direct sunlight is what really makes those rainbows pop, so intense weather watching will quickly become one of your favourite obsessions! I suggest downloading at least three weather apps. You don’t want to miss a single opportunity to wave your hands around wildly in the sunlight and irritate those pesky nuggles. But if the sun has gone on holiday, which it sadly tends to do in the U.K. throughout the entire  ‘summer’ season, then LED and halogen lights are the friends you will need to coax out those rainbows!

So now you have discovered what holographic nail paint is, are you ready to learn how your life will change dramatically by wearing it? Here are a few awkward situations you might find yourself in once you become a fully committed holo lover.

  1. Do not under any circumstance look down at your hands on the steering wheel while you’re driving. I said DON’T. Okay…too late….well, at least keep the car stationary while admiring your holo rainbows. So, people are just going to have to wait a bit longer behind you at the traffic lights aren’t they? Quit honking your horns at me people, I’m moving any minute now….just as soon as the sun goes in…on this…um…completely cloudless day….You know, it might be advisable and safer to employ a driver if you’re thinking of becoming a regular holo user.
  2. Wondering how to explain to your alarmed new neighbours why you are crouching by a tiny spot of sun under a tree in their garden, armed with a camera. Well, to be fair, your own garden was in complete shade and the holo on your nails just demanded to be photographed! You know, I’m sure we can sort this out. Is it really necessary to call the police….?
  3. Hoping that your alleged ‘friend’ who has asked to borrow your new, very expensive limited edition blue holo for her…gulp…toenails, is still under the nuggle misapprehension that glitter is the same as holo, as you give her instead a cheap blue glitter you’ve just bought on an emergency dash to the supermarket. Oh gosh, I think I’ve just given her a bottle of children’s glitter glue…oh well, I guess she won’t be removing that too quickly, so my precious holos are safe for another few months.
  4. Surrounded by smug loved-up couples taking photos of each other on a gloriously sunny day in the park, while you sit there on your ‘alonesome’ taking photos of one of your hands. Well at least you don’t have to share your picnic with anyone else….
  5. In the absence of natural sunlight, you will become a world expert in alternative holo lighting opportunities. I have no idea why this should be the case, but bathrooms have particularly good lighting to bring out holos. Don’t however think of wearing holo on a restaurant date, as you might end up being so fascinated by the utter gorgeousness of your nails under the restaurant bathroom lights that you completely forget to return to your date for over half an hour. Perhaps don’t ask how I know this….
  6. Supermarket lights are also, curiously, a great alternative to natural sunlight. What’s a few strange looks, or being asked to “stop photographing immediately and please leave the store” if you’ve managed to grab some awesome holo pictures for Instagram in the fruit and veg aisle? Honestly, their spotlights are just wasted on the sweet potatoes.
  7. Family, friends, work colleagues will come to realise that they will never have your full attention on a sunny day. You may be mid conversation or in an important business meeting, but if those clouds suddenly part and the sun pops out, you will feel compelled to dash outside immediately to admire the utter stunningness of your nails. This took a bit of explaining at my last job interview….
  8. That moment when direct sunlight suddenly hits your nails and you stop so suddenly in the street to admire them, that the stranger walking behind you is forced to perform a perfect somersault over the top of your head.

And the best thing about wearing holo nails? You will feel and look like a badass unicorn mermaid. Totally a thing. Although don’t share this insight with a nuggle. They totally won’t get it. Until they wear their first holo.


A little more about your Picture Polish Writer…

Claire lives on the beautiful southwest coast of England, on a constant but currently fruitless search for Ross Poldark. She is also an aspiring writer and supermodel. She suspects she is more likely to succeed in becoming a writer. While awaiting the global stardom that will surely come, she has made it her selfless mission to acquire all the Picture Polishes ever made. She may soon have to buy another house in which to store them.

Check out Claire’s Instagram Clairestelle8 for her mix of amazing nail art and humor.

Thanks for explaing what holographic nail polish is Claire.  The Girls xox