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Peel Off Base Coat

January 16, 2020

You know it’s all about the base… and knowing how to use Peel Off Base Coat.

Because whilst it’s a truth universally acknowledged that glitter nail polish is gorgeous, it can be a nightmare to remove. That is, unless you use Picture Polish Peel-Off Base Coat.

To use Peel Off Base Coat apply one coat of on clean nails and let dry.

Use Peel Off Base Coat

Add the glitter nail polish of your choice, followed by Looking Glass Top Coat to bring out the shine and smooth out bumps. Now that your nails rival a disco ball, who wants to go dancing?

Use Peel Off Base Coat

When it’s time to say goodbye to your glittery mani, removal is a snap for freshly painted nails! With a wooden cuticle stick, apply firm pressure underneath the bottom edge of the polish and press upwards, peeling it from the nail. Using the same technique, work in manageable sections until no glitter remains.

Or you can rock your nails for a few days and let natural wear begin the peeling process. Grasp an edge of the peeling polish with tweezers and pull off like a sticker. Repeat as necessary.

Use Peel Off Base Coat

Practical and satisfying, now you’re set for your next mani. So don’t deny yourself glittery nails for any longer. When you use Peel-Off Base Coat, the sky’s the limit and removal is a breeze!