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A simple nail art look… monochrome french - Elegant, classic and simple, few can resist the timeless elegance that is the ultimate duet paring of black and white. You too can create this fantastic monochrome look which is a modern and sophisticated take on the chic, polished effect more
piCture pOlish FAN Fantasy Giveaway! - piCture pOlish FAN Fantasy giveaway has just been announced via social media.  It's the most AMAZING giveaway we have ever done!  Watch the video to see what it's all about and the AWESOME prize you could win... Please visit piCture pOlish more
NEW Nail Polish Shades in Blue and Green Just Arrived! - Hey everyone Jules here! This week we launched 5 new nail polish shades, consisting of three (3) cremes and two (2) collaborations.  The series of colours really has a blue and green thing going on.  We added some much needed more