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Get To Know a Nail Polish Sister: Sveta Sanders

December 21, 2017

Sveta Sanders is affectionately known as the ‘nails’ of Picture Polish and the creator of our swatch collages, nail art, and swatch videos.

Jules and Sveta met online via Instagram in 2011 and formed an instant rapport that has seen them collaborating since then.

When stockist LakoDom organised a special event in Moscow on 29th July 2017, not only did Jules get to meet over 250 amazing Picture Polish fans, but finally, Sveta, it was a dream come true!

Jules asked Sveta some questions about her life and love of all things nail polish.


Did you always love nail polish or was it a fairly new thing?

Always, always!  I started painting my nails at school and just loved it.  I never considered it as a serious business until in 2011 I discovered the world of nail bloggers and this changed everything.


Do you remember when you first discovered the Picture Polish brand?

Absolutely! It was one of the most important discoveries of my life.  I was looking for nail polish colour swatches and these beautiful little square bottles with their own names and amazing range of colours popped up on the screen.  It was love at first sight.


What was the first Picture Polish shade you purchased?

Sparkle…  and one of the first custom shades Picture Polish released.


What were your first thoughts when you were asked to work in collaboration with Picture Polish?

It was a turning point in my occupation.  I was planning to finish blogging because I did not have the motivation and I felt I was losing my passion to create something.  Picture Polish gave me that inspiration I needed and I haven’t looked back.


How did you feel when we ask you to create your own collaboration shades?

It was one of the most special times of my life.  To be a nail artist and create your own shade is a dream come true for many.


What has been your most exciting moment working with Picture Polish?

It has to be meeting Jules.   A language difference can sometimes be a barrier but it wasn’t for us.  And of course, creating my shades Karma and Embrace.


What do you love most about Picture Polish?

That’s a very difficult question.  I love the concept of the brand, I really like the design of the bottles and what they do and don’t contain!  Probably love the most that there is a whole range of emotions behind every single colour because the girls that create them put their heart and soul into it.  Each one has a story, it is very special.


When you are not creating nail art designs, what do you do?

I am a mum of two lovely boys, which keeps me very busy.

Meet A Nail Polish Sister Sveta Sanders