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Picture Polish is a Family of Nail Polish Enthusiasts

December 12, 2017

Picture Polish is a nail polish family!

We don’t simply choose a nail polish colour. We choose a family! A family of incredibly creative bloggers and retailers who put their heart and soul into every single nail polish creation.

Each nail polish has its own story of creation, and behind every shade has a mass of emotions, the emotions of the girls who created them.

That is why every single bottle of love and light does not contain the toxic stuff, only happiness!

It’s the heart of our brand, the connection of ideas, creativity, and emotions of select people worldwide—a nail polish family.

The first collaborations were with four stockists + 2 bloggers. The shades were all developed in secret and launched without any warning. We have always loved and still do the mystery, suspense and anticipation before launching.

We created an annual event called ‘Blog Fest’ where 100+ bloggers worldwide shared reviews and swatches of Picture Polish shades in just one day. Participants had the opportunity to be awarded a prize to create a collaboration shade. While the event is no longer, we offer those opportunities via Picture Polish challenges on Instagram. Excitement is an understatement.

Since 2012 we have created 100+ collaboration shades. Some of those first shades are still available today, as love, passion, and emotion do not go out of fashion.

Our collaborators are treated as our family and rewarded for their work.

We are consistently in awe of the colours, names, and designs that come from inside the minds of the talented women we work with. See our newest collaborations here.

Picture Polish is a family full of fun and personality. A few times a year, we invite a special few into the creative circle to work together to create new ranges, ideas, and adventures that can help you keep painting your world a little brighter.

Picture Polish Is A Family Of Nail Polish Enthusiats

The photograph is of a fantastic group of Picture Polish lovers that were all part of an unforgettable day in Moscow in 2017.