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Welcome to your NEW store! - Shop nail polish online. The girls and I couldn't be more excited to share with you...  your brand new online shopping experience via piCture pOlish!  Our new and improved store has been many months in the making, a work in more
Happy New Year! - Welcome to 2017 via piCture pOlish... really looking forward to another amazing year... for you all, we have some fabulous collaborations in works plus the launch of your brand new shopping experience via piCture pOlish online. Plus heaps of fun more
Our Story - From its inception, piCture pOlish has become famous for creating unique shades and renowned globally for its ever evolving polish collection. The Girls at piCture pOlish have always maintained an ethos of empowering and engaging people and it's this love for creativity and community, that has enabled Jules to create more